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Our New Year becomes more meaningful when we recognize the new possibilities that await our action. It is now time to make our ‘what if imaginative thought’ closer to our reality.

My Story

Personal development is my constant that continually creates new possibilities. Last week, I made the announcement or potentially morphing into becoming a travel blogger. Business development and sales will still be in the picture while intersecting with the new.

There is nothing to lose. Instead, processes will undergo streamlining for improvement. My habit is a yearly ritual goal setting. And I typically share the strategy so that you, too, may see quicker growth. At the start of my entrepreneurship, many gave acclaim to my process by asking, ‘how are you building business at lightning speed?’ Scroll down to read the steps.

Yearly goals are one element for overall success. Another is to envision your long-held secret dream. Proper perspective and positive thinking go a long way to making it a reality.

Upon recognizing a relative’s grandson is on his way for an exciting career after his graduation from college, I was shocked to hear the following words. ‘No, he isn’t. It’s merely a job, not a career.’

The negativity toward her grandson and his first full-time job out of school bothered me. We learn the good and bad from every activity and place of employment. What we choose to focus on affects how we perform and advance in the future.

I quickly restated that any job teaches us new ideas and performance strategies. Although it may not be in the specific industry that her grandson desires, he will increase his talent that he can apply later toward employment of his choice.

Anything is possible with a flexible plan in place. A positive mind and spirit plus a healthy body are the amplifiers that help make dreams come true. For additional insight read:

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Enjoy this beautiful and inspiring short video that offers ideas for new possibilities: 

Your Story About Stepping into New Possibilities

The best first step is to come to terms with what you did well last year and what can improve in the New Year.

Concerning improvement consider if you are in need of the following:

  • Formal classes
  • Positive mindset
  • A specific plan of action
The Six-Step Laser Goal Setting Plan for 2019
  1. Establish a year-long goal that you believe will take 15 months to complete.
  2. Create quarterly goals
  3. Establish three monthly goals, one quarter at a time
  4. Write down your next weekly goal every Friday evening
  5. Capture your important goals every evening for the following day
  6. Adhere to this on-going list on a daily basis

Be forewarned that not everything works out. It is your willingness to learn from poor outcomes that work to your favor. The lessons put you on a more direct route for heading to where you wish to be.

You will be amazed by what you can achieve each year from today’s starting point. The bonus is that confidence increases and energizes you to do even more. As energy picks up new ideas will also increase. Paying attention to the future thought and committing to action will launch you far ahead of what you thought to be possible.

Once the goal setting routine becomes your habit, the magic kicks in, people see you are on a roll and wonder how you are accomplishing so much. Inquiries arrive for partnering and potentially creating something new. And if you keep your deepest desire secret, it just might be time to bring it out and alive.

Every thought and strategy is to feed into one another for you to put a robust system into place. You may believe this is all nonsense. However, once you give it a try, there is no looking back, you will be too busy advancing.

“Believe, Become, Empower.”

The last suggestion is to take note of your beginning steps and keep a record of all you do. One day, you may wish to create a document of your journey or write a book to empower others.

Sales Tips for Stepping Into New Possibilities
  1. Determine what works best and which routines are to be left behind
  2. Come to terms with what you wish to accomplish in the far off future and now
  3. Obtain mentoring or take classes on areas in which you need help
  4. Discuss ideas with trusted friends and peers
  5. Be fearless and set a path for your deepest desire
  6. Welcome errors as learning points for quicker advancement in the future
  7. Continually reset short-term goals as you achieve the previous
  8. Each year revisit all that you have accomplished and wish to improve upon in the New Year
  9. Begin telling trusted friends about your deepest desire to speed it up for coming true
  10. Celebrate Success!

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Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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