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In our quest to do good by another, we sometimes mistakenly forego our own priorities. Should we get too entrenched with the goals of others, it’s easy to lose sight of our own and soon after ambition becomes lost. Are you strict with priorities?

My Story

By observing and listing to the stories of others, those of health practitioners and moving movies, I realized long ago that taking care of oneself is paramount before all else. Maintaining our health is the only way in which we can care for family, pets, business and all else that follows.

We each have a different set of priorities. Although I appear to be busy on the computer, for me, family comes before all else. Next in line is business and continued education on the latest trends. I’m an advocate of community service too. But all else has to be on a steady footing before I can cheerfully and with good will help others.

Joseph confided that his personal life was falling apart as he begrudgingly pushed everything aside to help a friend. He asked, “at what point is it okay to say ‘no’?” I asked if he was feeling overwhelmed not having time to concentrate on his work or his personal life. The answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’ And then I asked if he felt it is time to give up. Reluctantly, he again answered ‘Yes!’. The next question was if you could once again give 100% to your work, will that make you happy? A resounding ‘Yes!’ was heard once more.

In short, we cannot allow the work of others to take over our lives. Boundaries are to be set and met every step of the way. A previous blog, “Use Timeout to Rejuvenate and Improve Results” provides added insight. When you aren’t quite certain what to do, it’s wise to take the time to rediscover your priorities.  Once you accommodate your desires, you will be more highly motivated to continue and then be in the mood to cheerfully help others, but only as time permits. 

Your Story

You aren’t alone if you sometimes feel overwhelmed with obligation. There aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of everyone. Review what your obligations are and if they are necessary. Many times facts are overlooked while the feeling of guilt is plentiful within the request presented by another.

Should a similar situation be yours, have a serious conversation with the people you are supposed to help. Ask for specific updates on the project and listen for an avoidance of facts or if everything sounds above board. Take your time out to refresh your mind and consider current priorities.

  • Has your service come to the point where you need payment for the hours put in?
  • Is the time now to walk to focus on your own work?
  • Thinking about your work, do you feel motivation picking up?

Unless you have motivation and ambition, there is no sense doing the work. Seeing progress each day for what does not work and what does is what provides the passion. By sticking to your priorities, and as others see you advancing, they will come to admire your personal brand.  And only then do you know your priorities are in order and recognize life is good!

Sales Tips
  1. Keep your priorities with you at all times.
  2. Weigh options for helping others.
  3. Set limits for what you can and cannot do.
  4. Offer alternate suggestions if the original is too much to handle.
  5. Always speak with honesty.
  6. Speak up when others appear to overstep boundaries.
  7. Be certain fairness is part of the agreement.
  8. When time-consuming matters appear, express the desire to be paid.
  9. Negotiate payment and time commitment.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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