Communication errors strengthen relationships

We had a wonderful vacation-style day planned yesterday.  A group of us met to take the ferry into San Francisco.  The ultimate purpose was to have lunch and enjoy a baseball game together.  One person decided to see San Francisco rather than attend the game.  Plans were made as to where and when to meet after the game.  A backup plan was included that if all else failed, we would meet at the ferry at a specified time.


My personal fun was negotiating with scalpers across the street from the ballpark.  After walking away from the first two scalpers offering too high priced tickets, I found a third who was willing to wheel and deal providing us with lower box seats at 50% off.  An amazing moment, was a video clip of a woman celebrating her birthday at the game – her 104th birthday!

The next bright spot was the young fellow sitting next to me who bragged his tickets from a scalper only cost him $30 a piece.  As a smile came over my face, he said it was obvious I did better.  Upon hearing my low number, he gave me a high five!

All was well and good until I went back to get the one friend at our designated meeting spot.  She was nowhere to be found.  Knowing we made a commitment to time, as a backup, I figured she already left to head over to the ferry.  But she wasn't there.  Long story short, an hour and a half later, we all made it on board.

The best lesson was, one of the men said, "Don't worry, we are just glad not have found you in the street or lying in the hospital."  We all recognized errors happen and the rest of the day was wonderful.  The movie above "Fresh Start" applies to friendship too.

No harsh words, no anger, just complete appreciation of the day was felt on the ride home.

It literally was a Smooth Sale! (Sail in this case).

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