The Art of Giving and Receiving

Italian Delegation, Afghan Entrepreneurs meet at PRT Herat.
Creative Commons License photo credit: isafmedia

Do you accept help?

Growing up I used to constantly hear about “takers” who had no knowledge of giving back.  Interestingly, today I’m meeting more people who give and are reluctant to receive.

Either of these scenarios do not work well in business because someone is always short-changed.  Once again you have to keep “win-win” in mind. In the past, I have traded coaching services with others because we needed insight on each other’s area of expertise.  Today I sometimes need a trusted friend to provide feedback for an intended project.  If you are uncertain how you can help someone, the best route is to ask.

Both of you may not need help at the same time but your agreement should be, “When the time comes you can count on me.”  Having a bank of people whom you can call on any given minute will do wonders for your morale and business.  Apply this same concept to changing jobs or finding a new career to more quickly hear, HIRED! 

Your marketing communication skills affect your clientele, finding the right job and increased sales.  More information on how to implement business growth ideas may be found in my book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale.  

As you implement correctly, you are headed for a very Smooth Sale!

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