Leverage All You Do


For some the word "leverage" seems to be a buzz word. But for me it's more than that, it's a way of doing business, smart business.  It's akin to not reinventing the wheel every time you do something new, and instead building upon what you already have in place.

This technique becomes your live "Linked-In" directory. In regard to your business, as you move to new projects speak to people who have gone before you and ask for suggestions or introductions to potentially interested parties.  Should you be interviewing for a particular spot, think about all those you know in related fields.   Ask friends and associates if they know anything about the company, industry or people there to whom they might introduce you.  

The side benefits may include ideas for events, classes, and new venues.  You may invite the people helping you or those you help to participate.  By extending invitations, all parties reach wider audiences and potentially bring in additional revenue.  On the career side, you increase your potential for finding the better job.

By weaving through your networks amd building upon the relationships, you increase the odds for becoming successful.  At the same time, be certain to hold out a helping hand to those who make similar requests of you.  Using this method you will be headed toward the Smooth Sale!

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