Transition Transforms Your Brand and Possibilities

Flying away
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“Sue” and I have been associates for a long time, but last night, we spoke as friends.  We have come to realize that transition is rampant now with the ways of the world, and that in business it’s necessary to recognize that point in time to run with it.  

We spoke of concern and fear entering into the decision of taking our businesses in new directions with which we have no prior experience.  The first time is the scariest, after that, it’s similar to repeated jumps off of a high diving board.  The action becomes easier.  As we grow into our confidence and ease in changing, we are able to approach larger visions with excitement of adventure.  Possibilities begin to multiply.

The other points of commonality we found was that we both welcome opportunities to collaborate with others.  We are both contemplating new programs involving partners.  For me this was the biggest leap of faith as I originally learned to work alone and not trust others.  Luckily, what was once learned was again un-learned, and a new tomorrow is looking far brighter.  We also agreed that unless we whole-heartedly like the new ideas or potential partners we will not proceed.

Perhaps it’s arriving at a hopefully wiser age, but Sue and I found that taking the time to better qualify the match for all you do brings about greater contentment and reward.  This complements the passion for what you do.  As this falls into place naturally, the tracks for business development, sales, and hearing HIRED! become easier and attained more quickly bringing about the Smooth Sale!

For additional insight on how to easily build relationships and sell well, Read, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results.

I’m proud to announce my quote will be featured in The Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar for 2012. The quote is one of 365 selected—one for each day of the year—and will be featured on August 14. My quote is, “Your personal brand requires consistency of words, actions and deeds.”
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