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Age – Hindrance or Benefit?

In conversation with another, I provided ideas of how she might advance her quest to learn Spanish having done so many years ago.  A mutual friend interrupted us to say, "Your brain is altered by the time you reach 50 and it becomes almost impossible to learn something new." Astonishment hit me.

Was the statement made to imply, "There is no use trying so we may as well give up"?  The next thought was, "Should we not try anything new from this point forward"?

My thoughts are the complete opposite of the one expressed.  I'm not one for sitting in a rocking chair.  My belief is if you truly desire something, whether to get HIRED! at a sought after company, build your business, or learn a new language, you need to set steps in motion and goals in place to achieve your heart desire.  Age is a convenient excuse.  

The person I was originally speaking with confided she always get to a point of learning and then gives up.  She never sees anything through to the end.  My mantra is, "When you give up, you will never know what was just around the corner."  

We all face obstacles at some point where the process becomes seemingly difficult.  This is the exact point where you should remind yourself of the rewards for sticking to your plan and being loyal to your continued learning and making adjustments as you go.  The first time along this path is the most difficult while each succeeding time becomes easier and easier.  This is where maturity is a benefit when you make learning a continued habit.  

My advice is to begin with easier learning challenges and then move to the more difficult.  Looking back upon your accomplishments will be the best reward of all.  Ironically, you will be at the point, where it all seems as if it were a Smooth Sale!


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