Holiday Conversation Turns to Business

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Build A Meaningful Tango

Upon checking out of a market, the employee, John, shared an amusing story that may well relate to business.

“Every year we have the family over for the holiday.  Invariably someone leaves insulted due to something another family member said.  This year, my Mom and I were taking bets on who the next insulted party might be.  We decided ahead of time it would be our newest addition to the family, my Aunt by marriage.  To our amazement, everyone left our house happy!”

There are 3 major lessons that may be applied here to the business and career worlds.  

– Do not make assumptions

– Set your goals properly

– Put a plan of action in place to achieve your goals in a timely fashion 

While the story produced a laugh, I was reminded me that the “sarcastic us” may take the viewpoint on an upcoming event or meeting that someone will leave insulted or the meeting will just be a waste of time.  However, should we concentrate on improving the outcome and working hard to ensure the better results, most often we will prove successful.  What may you change on your next interview to hear HIRED! or do during your next business meeting to get the sale?  Who are the people with whom you wish to meet, why and how will you improve their lives or work?

More information for improving business, sales techniques or for interviewing may be found in either of my books, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, and,HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews.

By approaching future personal and business events with a desire to help others, even if the motivation is simply to have fun, you will most likely achieve far better results.  You be on the path headed toward a Smooth Sale!

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