Accepting or rebelling modifies your results


The Direction is Yours to Take

A young woman stood up during my interviewing presentation to ask, “Frequently, women are offered less desirable salaries than men.  Aren’t we required to accept regardless of what we think?”

I prefaced the answer with stating if someone is in dire circumstances and desperately needs any money then it should most likely be accepted.  However, if there is any room to maneuver, we each need to take control of our destinies and do our best to change circumstances.  “Business as usual” does not fit within my framework.

It’s important to do your research upfront to know at the very least what the salary ranges are for the work you do.  Entrepreneurs need to do the same for charging for their services.  Some people give away their hourly rate so cheaply, they have difficulty attracting clients because the thought is, “They must not be good at what they do.”

When an offer is provided, view it from all perspectives in terms of package such as:

– Will it advance your career or business?

– Do the benefits and extras, or connections and status make up for the lower pay?

– Does the offer for career or business meet most of your requirements?

Perhaps there are extras you can have added to the package such as extra vacation, expense account, cell phone – whatever may be applicable to your position.  When it comes to taking on a new client, are you going to enjoy most of the work or will it make you wish you never took them on?

To get what you truly want in any economy, and, when you have the freedom to negotiate ~ Prioritize, Match, Qualify “  ~ it then becomes a Smooth Sale!

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