Long-term planning brings improved results


Olang Valdaora 1968

While many companies believe they are planning for the long-term, they are actually being short-sighted.  The missing element is considering the ramification(s) for every new action to be implemented.  

For example, to cope with the economy, the news stated Japan slowly but surely let go primarily of their male workforce due to having paid them more than the women who they chose to retain.  This obviously increased  cash flow for the company, and enabled the women which I'm all for, but the decision to ignore balance affected the entire population.  The women have far less discretionary money to spend.  The money they do have is spent not so much on electronics (Japan's previously thriving consumer sector) but is more focused now on travel, cosmetics and accessories.  The one decision affected Japan's economy in multiple ways.

By reading the business news, we entrepreneurs may learn many free lessons of what to do along with what not to do.  As you consider tweaks in your business plan and major changes, take the time to analyze the "what if" scenario first.  Determine how each change may affect your day to day business as well as the long term.  How will your business development effort change and ultimately affect your branding effort?  How will it affect your intended clientele?  

When you take the time to seriously consider your plan, whether for business or career, you will be more assured of enjoying the Smooth Sale!


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