Bottom-line your efforts for improved results

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Bottom lining your activities applies both to accepting work and building your business.  

In terms of the job hunt, consider the commute expense, possible new wardrobe required, salary offered and the reward of the job.  Will it be worthwhile?  

Your business requires a serious reconsideration of all the areas in which you invested time and money.  Are they all paying off or do some need to be eliminated?

Bottom lining your activities may include reading your credit card statements to see which services are being paid monthly but produce nothing or are not actually being used.  Are you participating in activities that require monetary and time investment but offer little in return?  

Another factor to keep in mind is to have multiple streams of income so that when in a varied economy, while one strream may not be working well, the others may.  For instance some coaches only have their hourly fee for coaching in place.  They would be wise to transfer their knowledge into some type of book, training or speaking event.

Be swift to cut venues that do not work well and maximize the ones that do.  Create additional services or products from the ones that produce the best.   When you take the time to seriously consider your plan, whether for business or career, you will be more assured of enjoying the Smooth Sale!

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