Eliminate Wasted Time for Increased Efficiency and Results


Upon becoming very efficient and achieving much each working day, one feels as if they have become a champion and on top of the world.  So for the New Year, here are a few tips learned over the years that may help you too become more efficient to accomplish more on your agenda.

1.  Confirm appointments that require travel whether by car or plane

2.  When you arrange a distant in-person appointment, try to arrange additional ones in the same area

3.  As requests are made of you, prioritize which will be most meaningful for your business and provide the better ROI for time and effort

4.  Eliminate distractions

5.  Remain current on the follow-up tasks

6.  Prioritize what needs to be accomplished each quarter

7.  Set milestones for each month

8.  Prioritize tasks for the week

9.  Keep a running and prioritized task list for each working day

10. Sync your online and manual calendars; and those of others on your team

Using these pointers should help you to achieve more in a given day and get to your ultimate goals more quickly.  This is true both for career and business.  

Of course, exceptions usually exist and Tip #1 fits this category in regard to interviews.  In this case, I would suggest not to confirm the appointment as this might give the company an excuse to cancel.  For business though it shows you are serious about your work and your clientele.

Upon becoming efficient and effective, motivation increases for creating new projects to see what you might accomplish next.  It all becomes a very Smooth Sale!

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