Turn rejection into celebration

Year of the water dragon

A friend and I were talking about how rejection motivates us to move further and more quickly in our quest while most people take weeks to get moving again.  

We both have the sales gene and recognize that the more no's you receive, the closer you get to a Yes!  In fact, on average, we were told in the early years of sales training, it takes approximately 10 attempts to find the right possibility for a sale or job.

One out of 10 attempts leads to a 10% success rate.  However, as you tweak and improve upon delivery, your success rate will increase.  Therefore it is wise to pay attention to some of the success principles:

1.  "No" very often is a request for more information.  Find out why it is being said.

2.  Job interviews – ask why the other candidate was chosen; while it's difficult to hear, the information may be helpful later

3.  Ask for constructive feedback whether a meeting for a sale or job to find what would improve your chance for success the next time

Everything you undertake requires practice.  Before you are accepted or rejected, line up more possibilities.  The momentum keeps the excitement up.  Even more important, as you interview better on each new appointment, your delivery becomes superb enabling you to ask for a higher salary.  

There is always a silver lining to the dark cloud.  When you believe in it, you will find the Smooth Sale!


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