Targeting Your Audience Interests

Point the way to the steel wool

Knowing what interests your audience is vital for growing your business. Likewise, if your audience is hiring managers, your next job depends upon the researched knowledge.  How do you find it?

Nowadays it is far easier to determine the stronger interets of those to whom we wish to sell.  All of our postings whether articles, blogs, tweets or almost anywhere else, will receive "likes", "shares" and comments.  The ones receiving the most interaction are obviously where we should spend more time on creating further product, services and content.  Facebook went as far as to put an "insights" button on our fan pages for us to discover where the most interaction took place.

The marketing research today takes little time.  At a glance we can tell where our strongest pull lies.  When we pay attention and do something with it, that's when we are able to more quickly build our brand and put together a more effective branding effort.  In the effort include relationship building with those responding to you and you will make more sales.  In fact they will become a Smooth Sale!

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