Growing Sales


While everyone is anxious to grow sales this year coming off of a down economy, we need to stop and reassess what will most attract others to what we have to offer.  This came to me as I visited a new dentist today.  She met all of my requirements.

Whether you conduct business to consumer, business to business or are interviewing, the principles are the same.  My preferences are to work with someone who is:

1.  Ethical

2.  On the leading edge for what they do – shows a commitment to education and caring about doing their best

3.  Serving clients well

Are you able to say you do all of the above?  Do you communicate what you do well to attract the attention of others?  Being goal driven and motivated to succeed are key ingedients for making a difference in your business outcome.  

In today's online world it no longer is just about you.  It's about helping your following first in order to increase interest.  Delivering excellent content day in and day out and being of service to be found reminds me of the old saying, "Build it and they will come."  The right people will then find you, get to know you and then ask to purchase.  

When you are asked for permission to purchase from you ~ that is the Smooth Sale!


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