Plant relationship seeds well to harvest desired results


Collaboration is the one word that will transform your career or business.  Helping others produces a reciprocity otherwise not found.  Together you reach wider audiences, potential clients or hiring managers that enables greater than ever possibilities.

I met Valeri Bocage, Founder and CEO of Powerful Women International a number of years ago.  We were both beginning in our ventures.  It was a road of uncertainty but we felt compelled to follow the windy paths that motivated us to find what lie before us.  Every once in a while we would get together to compare notes and offer possible referrals.

We have each met wonderful people through one another.  Friendships and clients blossomed as did our enterprises.  Remaining connected and promoting one another’s events as well as actively participating increased our possibilities further.  

On March 8, this year, in celebration of International Women’s Day, at the San Francisco Mark Hopkins InterContinental Hotel, we will join forces to inspire and motivate other wonderful women with personal stories, educational breakout sessions, and networking.  .  And it is with pride that I announce, I will be one of the honorees on that day.  I do hope you will join Valeri and I in our celebration!

Our goal is for all women to achieve their dreams.  The motivation and inspiration you receive will put you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!

International Women’s Day Details and Registration please click here.

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