Taking the Right Path

as sweet as possible
  But is it right for You?!

So often we are given advice meant to serve us well, but it does not fit in with what we believe or desire for ourselves, our work or our clientele.

Yesterday we heard the final outcome of a hard earned career change that did take a long and windy road.  The original company took advantage of “John” and he knew it.  Yet he stayed far longer than most.  

The good news came when another office offered a better opportunity.  The downside was a longer commute with heavy traffic, and no pay increase.  Most people would have said “No” and looked elsewhere.  But John felt that something better was going to come about.  So he decided to arrange upfront he would demonstrate his capabilities. The agreement included within a couple of months, and to everyone’s satisfaction, a better package would be negotiated.  Again, most people thought this to be crazy giving his services away for very little.   

John’s end result was he found a challenging job and the opportunity to organize teams for better delivery.  He undertook big projects and completed them in record time.  In the end, he was able to negotiate a great package to include:  Higher management position, autonomy, increased salary, work from home to avoid commute, and extras to make it a comprehensive package.  He heard the shoutout for HIRED!

Modeling what you can do and Building Relationships That Gets Results was the motto John stood by and it worked exceedingly well.  Leaders follow what they know to be right for themselves and remain true to their principles.  In the end, leaders find a Smooth Sale!


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