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Are you in a state of overwhelm between working overtime, children, the second job, household duties, or anything else? For entrepreneurs, the scenario can become a nightmare and lead one to wonder, “What the heck am I thinking?” The next thing you know, the same people quit their pursuit of building a livelihood.

My Story

Sadie Calamaco and I made a sound connection via social media. Our interests and messaging align with that of one another. We are both committed to helping our communities. She is the founder of Sadie’s Solutions Simple Steps to Success.

Sadie is a military veteran, mother of four, a wife of a serviceman (making her a single parent one-half of the time) and a Taekwondo tournament fighter. She devotes twelve hours a week to her children’s school and community as well as other commitments that call for her attention.

As you can imagine, Sadie has been challenged to find more time in her day to build her business. She discovered that she was not the only one facing this obstacle. So she decided to take on a research project to learn from other leaders and masters in the industry to help solve the allotted time dilemma.

This project turned into an interview series 

Twenty entrepreneurs and I gladly provided answers to Sadie’s questions. Overjoyed with the incredible free advice, Sadie captured it all to bring you:

“Business Building Blitz: Discover How to Create a Successful Business Even if You Only Have One Hour per day.”

The unique commonality among all of us is that we are committed to empowering our audiences. Accordingly, I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register by clicking This Link.

Your Story

It’s quite possible you have hit snags along the way while attempting to grow your career and business. Taking the time to learn something new, and in-depth is not possible. So the questions become:

  • What action will you take should you be given access to success strategies by leaders in the field at no charge?
  • Do you recognize the advantage of the offer to help leapfrog your current status?
  • Will you share the incredible opportunity with friends and peers?
Make It Easy

One sales motto is, “Make it easy for prospective clients to say, Yes!” Accordingly, you will be able to watch from anywhere and from any device.

Here are a few topics you can expect to see on this no cost to you video series:

  • Facebook Live
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Mindset Training
  • How to Connect with People
  • Time Management
  • Rapport Building
  • How to Pick a Social Media Platform
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • How to Handle Rejection
  • Realistic Goal Setting
  • Facebook Ads

These interviews are short (about 15 minutes each), to the point conversations, with leaders and masters in the industry.  We provide you with insights you need to super-charge your effort to raise the bar of achievement.


What is the worth to be able to sit with 21 speakers who share their knowledge and wisdom to help YOU build a SUCCESSFUL business in one hour each day?

Sadie put together an outstanding lineup of speakers bringing much wisdom for everyone to learn and share. Not only am I one of the speakers, but I’ll be attending too. The seats will fill up fast. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Click This Link for Early Registration. Seriously, don’t wait…Register NOW!!! 

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

A previous blog provides additional insight for achieving more In Which Direction Are You Moving?

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