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Top Tips to Convert Your Website Traffic To Leads

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Digital marketing works wonders for any business that wants to succeed in the 21st century. The better approach includes building a social media presence, creating and taking action on a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and much more. You may even employ the help of a digital marketing agency, such as to help you with your efforts. 

Digital marketing can drive long-term, valuable results to your business and is the effort you need to succeed. Traditional marketing efforts may be practical, but they will not get your business in front of your ideal customers. The reason is that digital marketing focuses its efforts online, where most users are these days. Estimates show around 8.5 billion searches processed on Google per day and approximately 4.62 billion people worldwide on social media. Without digital marketing efforts, you cannot put your business in front of these eyes. 

Dedication to crafting a dynamic and strategic plan is the differentiator for achieving the success we desire. As a former salesperson, becoming an entrepreneur was overwhelming to realize the need to learn the disciplines I held no familiarity with. Collaborative efforts of many types, including paying people for help, taught me the skills. Similarly, corporate teams will achieve far more robust results when they combine their knowledge and efforts.


Top Tips to Convert Your Website Traffic to Leads

Upon driving customers to your website through effective digital marketing strategies, the next step is to convert them to clients. There is a range of activities that you can do to keep them on your website longer, build their trust, and convert them into customers. Your digital marketing efforts are not complete without obtaining those leads. You can drive as much traffic as possible to your website, but if you do not set it up to convert customers, you will be wasting much time, effort, and money.

Below you will find some of the best strategies that will ensure you keep your users happy and convert them into paying customers:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is simply taking action to increase the percentage of conversions on your website. Doing so is vital because you don’t want your efforts to waste after driving customers to your website. Instead, you want to gain more value from those you encourage to visit your website. Better CRO will decrease your customer acquisition costs and increase your revenue per visitor. 

CRO has to be driven by commitment, effort, and flexibility. Without the ability to change and adapt your strategy, you will not see an effective increase in your conversion rates. Consumer behavior and the market are constantly changing. There is always going to be room for improvement. The best strategies are continually under review for updates to create a better user experience, improve the sites, and grow conversions. 

CRO strategies will be specific to your business but usually entail:

  • Strategy to target more qualified leads (those who are interested in your business)
  • A/B testing 

You will typically start with creating goals, depending on your business growth. For B2B it may be the number of leads you have generated or when you close a deal. Alternatively, eCommerce can be when a customer adds something to their cart or completes a sale. 

You may choose to update the content to be specific to the customers. Or you may want to update elements on the page like the font color and size, buttons, or images. You can then choose the pages that receive the most traffic or are of the highest value to improve and see an immediate impact. 

Generally, A/B testing can help compare the changes to the original. You can quickly detect which changes are more effective. Continuously employing these strategies can help you improve your conversion rate and significantly impact the growth of your business. CRO is the starting point to convert your website traffic to leads

Nurture via Email Marketing

Email marketing is gold for increasing conversions. It provides you with an opportunity to nurture your customers personally. Some may reach your website for a glance. They may quickly bounce off it because the value is not noticeable. Next, they will soon forget who you are and move on. 

Email marketing is a proven way to capture users’ attention who visit your site by offering some value in return for their email address. Depending on your business, the perceived value could be a discount code for new customers or special access to top tips or a guide. These simple offerings have proved valuable across many industries. They enable you to remain in contact with a potential customer. 

Expanding upon the idea, consider spending time segmenting your email list. Doing so is one of the most effective ways to utilize email marketing, personalize how you interact, and nurture leads. Segmentation refers to splitting up your contacts based on various factors. They may include location, pages visited, personal data capture on the form (title, purchase cycle, industry), and cart abandonment. 

The information can show you what interests your prospects and the problems they may be having. You can then speak to them more personally and provide them with information specific to their needs. It can be far more effective than sending out a general email to all of your contacts. Worse is when vendors only advertise their latest products. 

Customers will start to trust you upon receiving information tailored to their interests. They realize you intend to help them. In return, you build brand awareness. Over time you will see a noticeable increase of converting prospects into clients, some of whom will share your offerings with their network.

Be aware that converting customers is not always a quick fix. Nurturing the effort takes time. And varying stages of the buying cycle exist within your prospective clientele. Email marketing enables you to meet them on their journey. Many tools exist to help you create email marketing campaigns, segment users, and automate campaigns. Two such entities are MailChimp and Mailerlite. 

Match the Content to User Intent

Market research plus adapting content strategies consume time but are well worthwhile. You don’t want users to enter your website to be confused or not resonate with your brand because it will only increase your bounce rate and decrease your revenue. Instead, it is essential to consider matching the content to your users’ intent. 

Each user will be on their unique journey and at different buying cycle stages. Keep in mind the user intent as part of the plan for content across your entire website. It can include(guides, blogs, and web pages. When you take the SEO keywords to write each piece of content, pair it with the intention of your customers. Then you may create the copy that sparks emotion and resonates with the customers personally. The goals for your content writers are to answer straightforward questions, solve problems and provide value in everything they write. 

Your SEO strategy and intentions should be included in the high-level planning, not just incorporated at the end. It will ensure that the intent is visible throughout and that the correct pages are created and optimized from the start. Without the right voice and purpose, you will be taking a risk with your content. Users will arrive, only to be hit and miss whether it resonates.

Users spend a good percentage of their time researching the product, service, and company before deciding. It is why intention and emotion are vital because they will inevitably be comparing you to your competitors. Make sure you have the advantage and put yourself ahead of the game. You can do this by ensuring you have informational pages and transactional. 

High converting pages contain information that addresses the specific pain points that the users were experiencing. The goal is to help them answer the questions that bring them to research a solution and speak to them personally. 

Specifically, dive deep into the SEO strategy, including the keywords and search queries you are using. Learn about the problems prospects face and what they need at the different buying cycle stages. It means you can catch them earlier on in the sales funnel and build trust. If you can help them early on, they are more likely to remember you when they are ready to make the purchase. It’s essential to have sales pages for users ready and wanting to convert. But you will also need a range of content, guides, product reviews, top tips, FAQs, and comparisons to help those who have a problem but are not sure about the solution just yet. 

Call to Actions

A call to action is vital in converting users. It can be short text or a button that signals users what action they need to do next. The call to action could be to purchase a product or service or register for your newsletter and read your blogs. Without encouragement, users may leave your website without taking any action at all. 

Optimizing your website for users and conversions is the best way to grow your business. 

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Sales Tips: Convert Your Website Traffic to Leads

  1. Take a sales class to understand the sales cycle better.
  2. Invest in a public speaking class to communicate well on all levels with clientele.
  3. Research marketing and branding techniques and strategy.
  4. Implement the training, communications, and approaches that align with your unique brand.
  5. Always research the latest tools and strategies for improving business.
  6. Read the articles and suggestions that post online to remain current.
  7. Test ideas of interest and tweak for improvement.
  8. Dedicate yourself to continual learning.
  9. Create collaborative partnerships to extend your reach further.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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