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NOTE:  Cedrick Capati, Online PR Specialist, Spiralytics, specializing in performance marketing, provides today’s guest post.

It’s safe to say everyone wants to boost business, but to the surprise of many, it is content intelligence that will help.  CI isn’t just another sophisticated term that drives a science fiction story. CI is the latest player in the industry helping marketers create compelling and useful content. The knowledge you gain is valuable for boosting brand awareness, increasing consumer retention, and improving sales conversions.

The technology utilizes data analysis tools and software, which allow content marketers to forecast consumer behavior, leveraging on the results. The added help eliminates the guesswork and opens the room for more targeted and personalized content for the audience.

CI works with the integration of existing concepts, such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Content is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. With the help of real data to reference your content marketing campaigns, you’ll know what type of content will perform best when delivered through specific channels. Content marketers save much time, resources, and effort.

Here is an infographic to better illustrate the helpful tools and a few tips on how the incorporation of content intelligence can move your brand forward.

Content Intelligence: How Can it Empower My Business? [Infographic]


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