Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Shoes are a necessity for work. Not only do we buy shoes, but so do our clients. A little thought, friendliness, and empathy work well for building the sale.

To sell well step into the shoes of your client.

My Story About Buying Shoes

I have fond memories of working my way up through the corporate maze of an international company. After numerous tries, I was finally able to meet with the buyer.

Persevering past the gatekeepers proved to be well worthwhile. ‘Roberta’ and I found much in common as we became familiar with one another. Laughter was always included in our conversations.

My company was having an in-house special event to showcase their business equipment. Each representative was to ensure that a total of five clients and prospects could attend. Lunch would be served and questions answered. Most of all, the company hoped for an increase in sales.

The first person in mind for delivering an invitation was Roberta. However, I was disappointed that she was unable to make the event. It sounded as if she was sorry to miss the event. So out of the blue, I invited her to come on another day. I promised to provide a private showing and lunch just for her. Roberta gladly accepted.

While selling is never a problem for me, I was terrible at demonstrating the equipment. To be on the safe side, I placed one typed piece of paper onto the huge copier-printing machine. I suggested that Roberta press the ‘copy’ button. She followed my instruction. Amazingly, the document was copied!

I put the simple demonstration into perspective by saying, “see how easy it is to work. Anyone at your company will be able to do the same! Thankfully, Roberta was satisfied with that statement.

We were about to end our private event, but another idea came to me. I turned to Roberta to reveal that the high-end shoe store across the street was having a fantastic sale. And then I asked if she would like to accompany me as we shopped for shoes. “Yes!” was the immediate answer.

Later, as I returned to the office, the Sales Manager stopped me. He said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes! Never before have I seen anyone going shopping with their client. I don’t know whether to be angry or happy!”

I turned to the manager to ask:

  • “Do you buy shoes?
  • Do you think our clients buy them too?
  • Don’t you think they would like to know about a sale on high-end shoes?”

The sales manager had a puzzled look on his face. All I can tell you is that I had my client in mind every step of the way. Her company continued to provide me with sales.

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Your Story About Stepping Into Your Clients’ Shoes

The point of the above story isn’t so much that you should accompany your clients while shopping for shoes. The message is to get into the mindset of your clientele.

Do you consider:

  • What clients hold important
  • What prospects might consider being a bonus
  • Which ideas will encourage a returning and referring clientele?

The last thing one should do is ‘assume’ you know the answers to your questions. Even if it seems obvious what people are thinking, clients appreciate being asked about their thought.

Asking is the one strategy that builds confidence in you, and the trust soon follows. The ask is another way of saying you care. Once clientele believes you do care, the business goes your way. And continuing with excellence in customer service will produce a loyal clientele.

Sales Tips for Stepping into You Client’s Shoes
  1. Ask about past experiences Inquire about current problems
  2. Ask how clients see the potential solutions
  3. Inquire if your ideas for additional fixes are of interest
  4. Ask for a timeline to resolve everything
  5. Find out what clients like to do in their spare time
  6. In future meetings inquire about their special events
  7. As the relationship develops, ask if they know of others needing your service
  8. Write notes of appreciation for referrals and the business at hand
  9. Keep all company information confidential
  10. Celebrate Success!

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