Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

The posting for a rental had me laughing upon reading the description of an improved future. Remarkably, the person is an engineer but would make a great salesperson given his humor, too.

My Story

We each have a starting point in our careers. Stepping stones teach us how to improve the effort. My hurdles to overcome was the fear of how to speak to potential clients.

Public speaking courses and sales practice taught me:

  • Become comfortable sharing stories
  • Inquire of clients about their experiences both personal and business
  • Use tasteful humor
  • Describe the improved future when people select your services
  • Confirm every single statement with action

The snippet for the rental that caught my attention was sent to the person’s friend. Enjoy the commentary:

“The San Francisco Bay Area is known for dense traffic. Instead of wasting hours in a commute, rent my condo located near your office. Instead of being stressed going to and from work, you will be all set to enjoy life by relaxing in the Jacuzzi!”

The description is excellent sales speak. One quickly gets the idea of the ‘before’ the transaction and ‘after.’ And the question becomes, does the person prefer extra stress or relaxation? The answer is easy. Providing he has the income, the value is obvious, and it becomes difficult to turn the rental down.

The rental price is quite high. It is best to acknowledge the monetary investment up-front so as not to appear as if you are hiding something. The value is to be discussed. The notable element is the vision for the future of how life will improve by moving forward.

Humor and laughter are similar to the icing on the cake. By evoking emotion, you are more likely to make a sale. The same applies to interviews and securing the job.


Your Story for Painting An Improved Future

Please know that you cannot rush the sales cycle. The example above would come toward the end of the conversation. The first steps are to learn as much as possible about the person and the business.

Do you ask about:

  • Current pain points
  • How the difficulty affects business
  • If the bottom-line is negatively impacted
  • What are their thoughts regarding a solution
  • Have they ever considered the ideas you are suggesting?

Ask many questions to learn what they value and of their priorities. Obtain their vision of how they see a fix first. If you have a match, it’s easy. But if you have differing thought, ask if they have ever considered…? Not only are you pinpointing what the client holds important, but you are negotiating terms before you get to the actual negotiation.

By communicating an improved future encourages a ‘Yes!’ answer to the higher price. The reason is the buyers sell themselves on what you have to offer as they can visualize the value you bring.

For more insight Read: How Do You Define Client Need?

Working this way eases the pressure for everyone. The best part is, the conversations are enjoyable, and you come across as congenial. Actions such as these promote a returning and referring clientele.

Sales Tips for Communicating An Improved Future
  1. Be professionally personal in business meetings
  2. Become familiar with personal and professional goals of prospective clients
  3. Ask how they are pursuing their milestones
  4. Should you admire their effort, let it be known
  5. At each meeting ask about their progress
  6. Inquire if advancement changes anything under consideration
  7. Hold their vision for an improved tomorrow as a top priority
  8. Confirm before, and after each conversation you are on target for what they want
  9. Deliver on promises
  10. Celebrate Success!
These tips lead to The Smooth Sale! 


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