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As health concerns continue to rise, the question is, do you consider all possibilities? We can quickly get ourselves into a funk and experience sleepless nights. However, when we consider all options, our mood slowly begins to lighten.

Social distancing provides us with extra time to focus on what each of us wants. On the dark side, we hope we will never experience something like this again. The opposing thought is, now is the time to focus on and attempt what we fondly dream about in our quiet time. The sales profession teaches us how to handle mishaps, misfortune, and the reason for maintaining a robust pipeline of possibilities.

My Story

A recent conversation with Jack continually brought up the topic of planning. Several times Jack mentioned that if when he was younger and knew what he knows now, he would have planned very differently. The themes of conversation included the question of still having a job, investing income differently, and changing his long-term strategy.

The dire circumstances are a wake-up call for the country and the world. While maintaining a positive mindset is essential to advance beyond circumstances, it is less meaningful without a revision to the planning.

Dealing With The Ups and Downs

Successful salespeople become accustomed to the ups and downs of earning business. Competitors undercut pricing to overtake the deal while other prospects change their minds. The chaos raises the challenge for representatives to keep a healthy pipeline of possibilities available at all times. Additionally, the motivated will continue to learn the complementary subject matter and revise their approach as they become more knowledgeable.







The Ripple Effect

While attending a business video conference call, one person referred to herself as a social media expert. I was looking forward to learning new insights but was taken aback upon hearing her speak. Asked about the Twitter platform, she quickly dissed it, saying it’s old news, and the political messaging makes it useless. Likewise, she never once mentioned the power of LinkedIn.

I’m an avid fan of Twitter for many reasons. Messaging that annoys me, I ignore. But I have learned so much about nutrition, mindset, new technology, and trends that I will be active on the platform for a long time to come. Similarly, LinkedIn allows us to connect with others from around the world who interest us the most. Many exciting offers, such as interviews and collaborative efforts, continue to come forth just by being active on the site.

My perspective is the woman speaking on the call does not consider all possibilities. Worse, she is eliminating the ripple effect found in a  positive word of mouth.   Real experts or leaders share their best insights for what works so that others may improve what they are currently doing. More than that, they listen first before they advocate. Before putting down an idea, they do best by asking the opinions of others.

Being open to unusual ideas and listening to learn, leaders are more able to pinpoint useful insights and provide help.

“Old-fashioned etiquette plus new-age technology contribute to a full pipeline.

I still use old-fashioned niceties with friends and prospective clientele. As names come to me, I pick up the phone to call and ask how they are doing. I’ll ask my peers what new strategies they are implementing, which leads to a spontaneous brainstorming session. Using this model allows us to consider all possibilities that come to mind.

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Your Story: Do You Consider All Possibilities?

One of the better approaches to finding a better route is to examine today’s worst experience. As you review the problem, answer these questions:

  • Why am I upset
  • What are the underlying circumstances leading up to the issue
  • Which steps will help resolve the problem
  • Should I resolve the difficulty, what do I want to do next
  • What will be my future plan of action?

By answering the last question, your mindset will begin to shift to a positive one. Once you start looking at new possibilities, excitement returns to the scene. The only warning is that many ideas may begin to flood your mind. Revisit your values and priorities to create a new list of accomplishments you wish to achieve. And then create your unique plan after you consider all possibilities.

As time moves forward, you will impress others by your ability to move past the obstacles and create better days ahead. Eyes will be on you, and as you forge forward.  Others will want to emulate your processes.

As the transformation takes hold, you become seen as a leader while establishing an admired brand. Accordingly, new next steps are to be set in motion as you once again consider all possibilities. While excitement runs high, strive to keep your values and priorities close to heart as you decide what comes next. Working in this style will have you accomplishing more than you initially believe to be possible.

Sales Tips: Consider All Possibilities
  1. Come to terms with poor outcomes
  2. Study all possibilities to select the better solution
  3. Listen as others speak to decide the direction best for you
  4. Politely distance yourself from those with whom you disagree
  5. Seek out synergy before you connect
  6. Attempt to learn something new every day
  7. Review each evening what to improve the following day
  8. Maintain a running task list aligning with your larger goals
  9. Embrace trial and error to advance more quickly; every experience helps
  10. Celebrate Success!

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