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Whispering Energy signaled the significance of the group when I was asked to join. Never before did I agree to share everything I knew with complete strangers. Remarkably we became confident with and dependent upon one another.

My Story

Every once in a while I pay homage to the original group, WE for short. The shortened name also signifies the direction we were headed. A common phrase is ‘together we may achieve so much more.’

The philosophy is the exact opposite of what I learned in the corporate sales environment. All information was secret as we were highly competitive to achieve recognition and attend President’s Club.

Truth be known, I was initially horrified at the thought of sharing everything I know. But it was time to try something new, and I was among the people I liked. Over time we became friends, and the bond grew.

Nine years later, many of us are still in touch. Sometimes our calls are out of pure friendship, and other times we are brainstorming new ideas. Regardless of the reason, we are there for one another through thick and thin. We earned one another’s trust and admiration.

Trust is the soul of sales and all else you do.

One secret for remaining in business is to have a trusted core group to count on. In the past few days, I shared creative ideas and insights with a number of entrepreneurial friends. At the end of each conversation, we laugh and then smile at the wonderful new ideas our friend just provided us.

Examples of Taking

  • Offer to feature me in an upcoming magazine
  • Include my achievements on a site for thought leaders
  • Provide me with contact information for the CEO of a large corporation

Examples of Giving

  • Ideas for marketing and selling a new product coming to market
  • Introductions for high end consulting and for media interviews
  • Forwarded articles and links to a budding author for marketing and selling her book

When a person is in the mindset of being competitive none of the referrals or ideas would have been shared. Entrepreneurs stuck in the old way of doing things generally quit their practice. But those willing to share their thoughts are the ones who benefit by reciprocation.

In sales speak, our process is a win-win for all. And best of all, we look forward to the next conversation to learn how our ideas took off!

Your Story About A Core Group

The biggest adjustment to make is to consider if you are hanging out with or counting on the right people. Over time you learn who those are that only take, and those who will give and gladly receive.

Give thought to the people in your core group

Do You:

  • Know you can trust each person
  • Look forward to catching up to hear what’s new
  • Patiently listen to issues on the other person’s end
  • Offer ideas to help the pain points of others
  • Reciprocate favors and referrals with one another?

It’s a rarity when you find people who are happy for your successes and will help promote you. Once among those who do give and take, make it your mission to do the same. Take the oath of ‘friends forever.’ Not only does the core group improve business, but it also helps to enhance your well-being and state of mind.

Sales Tips for Your Core Group
  1. Be with people who do not see you as their competition
  2. Welcome people who have complementary talent, e.g., sales and marketing
  3. Listen to the career history of each to learn the how and why they began
  4. Develop a personal and professional bond with everyone in the group
  5. Ask each member how you may best assist them
  6. Provide insight on the type of assistance you can use
  7. Agree to provide ideas and referrals for one another as they arise
  8. Hold monthly group calls or in-person meetings
  9. Privately speak with each person as often as your schedule allows
  10. Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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