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Do You Have A Personal To-Do List?

We typically focus on our careers, but a personal to-do list is equally important. I’m not referring to everyday personal tasks. Instead, it is the aspirations of accomplishing what has been nagging at us for a long while. As we age, our unique desires take center-stage.

In 2007, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson co-starred in a movie entitled ‘The Bucket List.’ The storyline of the film is to do whatever your heart desires before it’s too late. For example, some people have a long-held deep desire to travel or take a hot air balloon ride. Some will find every excuse imaginable not to do what they always wanted. And others will find a way to cross it off of their bucket list, proudly.

Two lines between the characters, Carter and Edward (found via Google) suggest the significance of the personal to-do list:

  1. “- Carter: Forty-five years goes by pretty fast.
  2. – Edward: Like smoke through a keyhole.”
    Morgan Freeman – Carter; Jack Nicholson – Edward

My Story

When the movie was released, I found it entertaining but not significant. Over time, the implications of the theme became apparent. In our younger years, we come to realize the need to balance our financial obligations with pricier extras. Some people create a secondary savings account for doing the unusual that holds importance. Similar to a child with a piggy bank, adults commit to putting dollars into their private account every month.

On another level, there is a need to balance the obligations that others place on us versus what we want to do in our unique style. It takes practice and sometimes years to be able to leave the feeling of guilt behind to move toward our goals.

What does this have to do with sales and entrepreneurship?

Anything we desire, and on all levels, requires practice. Initially, the bucket list may only be becoming employable. After gaining experience, the desire to grow a career takes over. And for some, their personal to-do list includes creating the entrepreneurship of their dreams. The path may be of fame and fortune or devotion to helping others achieve their goals.

Today Is The Day To Take Action

A conversation with ‘Charlotte’ reveals the importance of not waiting until it’s too late. For many years, she scolded me for not going with the flow but instead doing what I believed to be best for me. We happened to reconnect on a call, and her recent remarks stopped me in my tracks.

Charlotte only follows people with Ph.D.’s. One such person recently advised that it’s essential to be authentic and follow your dreams before it’s too late. Finally, Charlotte recognizes what I’ve been doing all along, and now understands the ‘why.’ But sadly, she never dared herself to do the same to achieve more than she thought possible. Not accustomed to taking risks, and now among the older generation, she is experiencing regret.

Take Pride In Your Unique Identity

In my estimation, people will belittle us and attempt to hold us back. But we each have one life to live. It is up to each of us to take the step forward to live it the way we prefer. The only way to live the life we want is to keep pushing ourselves forward, no matter the obstacles.

The motivating force is to maintain a personal to-do list in our quest to achieve more. Coupling the list with a commitment to daily learning will help us enhance our list. And an occasional calculated risk will have us enjoying our bucket list more than we imagined.

One extra factor that will make a difference is to share our experiences for others to consider. Fame and fortune may or may not come our way. But in our attempt to help communities at large, we further build our legacy. Together, we all win.

Sales, Friendships and the Media

Pat Lynch and I met at the beginning of my entrepreneurship.  It is with delight that we recently reconnected, as Nice Girls DO.  It is a privilege to share the interview spotlight via Women’s Radio Network. 

Your Story: Do You Have A Personal To-Do List?

Instead of waiting on a personal to-do list like Charlotte, begin capturing your bold thoughts today. And make it a habit to add to it when a new idea comes to you. It does not matter what others think. As long as your thoughts harm no one and represent you, the green light is yours to move forward as you are able.

Consider the following:

  • What do you wish to improve?
  • Which activity will give you a thrill of a lifetime?
  • With whom would you like to connect?
  • How will your personal to-do list enhance your career?
  • As you advance further, what can you add as a current ‘dream list’?

 Greater Clarity and Peace of Mind

For your sake, add the reasons for each of your ideas to avoid others dissuading you. Discuss ideas with trusted peers and a possible mentor. Not only will you be enhancing your career, but you will be fulfilling your wishful thoughts.

As time moves forward, you will look back on accomplishments proudly. And each time you smile, consider adding to your personal to-do list. As the decades increase, you will be glad you took the chance to advance your bucket list.

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Authentic Relationships Are Essential

Be A Story-Teller

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 “Believe, Become, Empower

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Sales Tips: Do You Have A Personal To-Do List?
  1. Capture your recurring ideas for personal growth
  2. Meditate or go into nature to expand upon your thoughts
  3. Create a to-do list to enhance the ideas for growth
  4. Ask for help when needed to advance the ideas
  5. Attempt something bold to see how it plays out
  6. Commit to learning from what doesn’t initially work well to revise the plan
  7. Include an element of fun in whatever you decide to do
  8. Ask like-minded peers to join you on the new venture 
  9. Take the best of each adventure and apply to the next
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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