Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

When we influence others to do better, we leave our comfort zone. The idea is a two-edged sword. Some view the concept as blatantly selling their idea or product. The behavior may only influence others to move in another direction.

Others believe that influence comes from modeling ethical behavior and working on behalf of clientele. The second viewpoint will encourage those we currently know plus others in their sphere of connections. Trust naturally builds, and it is the descriptive word for how and why influence develops.

Trust is the soul of sales and all else you do.

My Sales Story

On corporate sales teams, there are always highly egotistical people. I’ve come to believe that the bragging is a cover-up for a severe lack of self-confidence. Those who are confident in themselves are motivated and devoted to improvement, believing in ‘all for one and one for all.’ A smaller percentage will work on personal development and apply what they learn to help their clientele. 

Similar behaviors apply to entrepreneurs. Those who do not participate in a collaborative effort, or only see themselves at the top of the pyramid soon face the need to find work.

Maryann’s Story About Influencing Others to Do Better

Maryann’s role is to create a buzz for a worldwide attendance at an annual conference. Bill is in charge of the event. The downside is that he has a huge ego and will not accept ideas from anyone else, including Maryann. Bill’s primary concern appears to be himself.

Bill’s ego hurts:

  • The people who want to help
  • Audience expectations
  • The outcome of the event including audience feedback

After several attempts to put a collaborative effort in place, Maryann changed her focus. Her new plan is that of hosting a party following the conference.

Selling Party Influence: 

  • Meet new connections on a personal level
  • Increase the likelihood of referrals
  • You will enjoy the evening!

Pre-Event Outcome:  Maryann has more people registered for the party than Bill does for the conference. She believes pressure is now on him to do better in the future or find another job.

Sales Lesson:  Keep the interests of potential partners and clientele as a high priority for everyone to benefit.  Conversations and referrals will continue long after the event is over.

My Entrepreneurial Story

Long ago, I was witness to a near death experience. The two visions seen paved the way for me to help communities. Over time, the service grew into writing, speaking, and social media posts. The kind notes indicate that my work is a form of influence for others to do better.

Sage advice suggests connecting with like-minded people. In recent times, I have been asked to provide encouragement and insights to other websites. Our commonality is dedicating ourselves to helping visitors by providing needed help and support free of charge.

“Allow ideas to transform into tomorrow’s success.

Your grand vision becomes your guide for achievement.

Creative thought carries society forward.”

This month I have the honor of being featured on the InspireMeToday website. Their introduction says it all:

We invite you to begin your day with us, knowing you will experience a profound difference in your life. We’re here to help you remember that you, and you alone, have the power to do, be, or create anything in your life that you desire – anything! Your potential is unlimited. Your wildest dreams are attainable. There is magic in belief, promise in faith, and delivery in action.

It is our humblest desire to help you reconnect each morning to the magnificence that you truly are. Our contributors, or Inspirational Luminaries, are people making a difference in the world with their leadership.”

The title of my contribution is ‘The Power of Confident Belief.’ 

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Your Story: Influence Others to Do Better

Whether you are a business owner or on the job, take the time to realize where you stand on the meter of self-importance. It is essential to be well aware of your values. Speak up when you believe someone violates your code of ethics. 

At the same time, monitor your:

  • Acceptance of ideas from others
  • Willingness to use a collaborative approach
  • Appreciation of help

Finally, think about your grandest vision and how you might like your legacy to evolve. Be motivated and disciplined every day to work toward that dream. It is only a dream without a 100% commitment. One day it can become your reality, particularly when you also strive to influence others to do better.

Sales Tips: Influence Others to Do Better
  1. Establish the largest possible vision
  2. Work backward setting goals until you reach the first step
  3. Ask each prospect and client for their best possible outcome
  4. Strive to learn ‘why’ something is important
  5. Inquire ‘how’ the other person is attempting to fix what is not working
  6. Ask about roadblocks that may be preventing the fix
  7. One by one, ask if your ideas are up for consideration.
  8. Learn why something is not of interest while prioritizing the ones that do hold their attention
  9. Together create a plan for achieving the impossible
  10. Celebrate Success!

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