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You may be wondering how on earth can frustration lead you to success? It sounds crazy! But sometimes the seemingly absurd will work wonders.

Often our worst experiences turn out to be our gifts in disguise.

Use negativity as your motivation to succeed.

Our darkest tunnels lead us to the brightest light.

My Story

I frequently seek out commonalities between events that do not turn out as planned. Looking back on the initial steps and what to include the next time around serves to avoid a similar error. It is a habit that supports the business development process.

Next, I compare the better outcomes to the current misstep. The following questions are taken into serious consideration:

  • Why do I believe the mishap occurred
  • What can I do in the future to avoid similar frustration
  • How can I improve my delivery?

It’s true that sometimes frustration can get the best of all of us. But upon becoming an entrepreneur, my rule is to only allow 24 hours for feeling sorry for myself. And then it is time to do something about it so that I can move past.

And it was entrepreneurship that tested me again and again. The immediate thought of quitting was on my mind until I realized I would never accomplish what I set out to do. My purpose was to prove women are capable, pave the way for younger women, and somehow leave a legacy for family.

Know your purpose and keep your long-term vision with you at all times.

If it weren’t for the corporate frustration none of the following two experiences would never have occurred. The frustrations were indeed my gifts in disguise.

Knowing of my intention to work for the greater good, a few kind people took me aside at varying times to provide their insights. I listened and incorporated their suggestions into my revised plan. My first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale quickly broke many records including being featured in TIME Magazine and becoming an International Best-Seller.

As experience became mine, I carried the good work forward by volunteering my best to communities wanting to know how to land their desired job. The many thank you notes conveying the desired positions were secured due to my teaching, motivated me to write my second book, HIRED!

Motivation and determination to pass by frustration are requirements for reaching varying levels of success. Whatever your burning desire may be, face the defeats one by one, and commit to daily learning. 

The extra reward is recognition by others for our being of service to our communities. It is a treat to have my materials featured on the Intellum CatCat website. Take time to not only browse through what I provide, but also the insights of the many others. It’s another way to get up to speed on what you may not already know.

Your Story: How do you get past the frustration?

Reflect upon troubling circumstances of long ago and recent times. Most likely commonalities are leading up to the events.


  • The similarities leading up to past missteps
  • Which habits you might change in the future
  • How you can contain emotions to focus on what is needed

Another possibility is to have a project in mind that requires a concentrated effort such as writing a book or taking up a musical instrument. Using the creative side of your brain helps relax whatever is getting you down.

And then look to peers for detailed discussions of what comes next. Not all ideas will be useful, but generally one will pop up that you find appealing. Figure out what it will take to produce a good outcome.

By combining the worst and the best of all your experiences, you have in your possession the key to creating something unique. There is no failure until you tell yourself, ‘I can’t do it, and I quit.’

Once you cross the final finish line, then the time is right for deciding whether to create a new project or retire with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. If you do choose to leave the business behind, take time to realize all that you have learned. And then give thought to the communities you may serve to pass your wisdom along.

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Sales Tips: Let Frustration Lead You to Success
  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Helpful
  4. Learn from frustrating experiences
  5. Ask people more advanced in their career for advice
  6. Revise your business development program
  7. Provide your best insights
  8. Serve communities
  9. Live your legacy
  10. Celebrate Success!
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