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Most people don’t realize that progress is an art form. Every day dedication to follow-up and making adjustments are necessities. But the touch of one’s unique personality makes all the difference.

For many, the regimen of daily pursuit is demanding. Others are relentless in persevering plus keeping their current goals and distant vision at hand.

Our mindset and attitude forecast how well we will do.

My Story

Fond memories came to mind when I was asked to join a bowling league. During the first game, I was visibly annoyed. A very long while has passed between having bowled well and today. I incorrectly assumed doing well would quickly return.

Seeing my expression, Cynthia tried to comfort me by saying ‘next time.’ Both of us have a sales background. Of course, we began comparing our approaches for achieving our goals!

Cynthia takes the approach that if not now, then ‘maybe tomorrow.’ She tells herself that nothing is a big deal. It’ more important to enjoy the day. My style is to stop immediately and examine what isn’t working well. Only then am I quickly able to begin improving. The new plan settles any upset and then the enjoyment returns.

Returning to bowling, I soon focused on exactly where I was placing the ball on the alley. I then moved a bit further to the right to see more pins knocked down. By the end of the three games, my score noticeably improved. Goal-setting for me never ceases. Now my mission is to continue increasing the point count!

My approach is to compete with myself and see improvement. Should you decide to win the game, view yourself as the leading competitor. For more insight read, “With Whom Do You Compete?” 

Your Story About Progress

Beware that keeping an eye on your goals is a balancing act. The problems that arise include:

  1. Becoming competitive with others and harming the relationship
  2. The thought of quitting may occur if we aren’t careful
  3. Being too easy on oneself while making excuses that ‘it doesn’t matter’ leads to little accomplishment

Unfortunately, it does matter how one approaches achieving their goals. Postponement and dismissal do not help anyone. Competing with others is senseless because we each carry a unique genetic model. What works for one, won’t work for another. And quitting is never the answer because the question mark of ‘what if’ will always be with us.

The story above indicates that Cynthia and I are complete opposites when it comes to achieving goals. Consider where you stand on the issue and how you approach improvement.

Do You:

  • Throw your hands up and say, ‘Oh well.’
  • Push the idea aside for tomorrow
  • Take immediate action to move past and then enjoy the day?

Improvement One Step At A Time

The only correct answer is the one that works best for you. As long as you are happy with your overall results, that’s what counts. But in all situations, it’s good to become familiar with your habits. It’s possible the norm works well. And on occasion, a tweak is in order.

It’s safe to say no one is perfect. So when you see an area in your processes that can use improvement, write down the ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Create a timeline for getting your situation turned into making progress.

Sales Tips for Progress
  1. Decide if you will take action today
  2. From the beginning date forward create a timeline for achieving initial steps
  3. Add quarterly and annual goals alongside target dates for completion
  4. Every day check what is next on your agenda
  5. Examine why setbacks occur and how to overcome them
  6. Experiment with new ideas
  7. Analyze the better ideas and attempt to leverage them
  8. Daily perseverance leads to progress
  9. As you get close to year-end, re-set your goals for the next levels of achievement
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these suggestions will help relieve stress and turn the tide for the Smooth Sale!

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