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Many people begin selling before they methodically uncover the facts. Common sense can save the day. However, the lack of effective communication is not entirely the representative’s fault.

The problem begins in the office. Management puts intense pressure on their team to either make quota or face unemployment. The timeline is short for proving oneself. Most new hires do not believe they have enough time for adequately acquainting themselves with the people at the company.

One song title comes to mine, “You Talk Too Much,” Run-D.M.C.

My Story

Sales training usually consists of memorizing all of the high points about the products and services. Communication skills and professionally personal relationships exist only in the representative’s imagination.

New representatives are excited to finish training. They are ready to make their mark and prove their prowess in the field. Mistakenly, they are eager to share all they learned in training. Sadly they launch into all the details about the company, its products, and services.Ironically, the standard advice we hear is to assume the sale. The tricky part to the question is, how much of the transaction should one assume?

In the case of new representatives, they believe if they share enough information, the prospect will be cheering the solution in front of them. The idea of assuming a sale can quickly become a slippery slide downward.  Assumptions can lead us to mistakenly closing the door of opportunity.

A methodic flow of facts first will lead one to the better way for earning a sale.

Top producers do not begin to sell until they methodically uncover the facts.

A successful initial meeting includes:

  • Upfront research on the company, employees and the people you will meet
  • Congeniality 
  • A professionally personal conversation
  • An inquiry as to why you were invited in for a meeting
  • Uncovering issues at hand and long-term goals
  • Asking for the prospect’s thoughts about the solution
  • Asking if your ideas in mind might be of interest
  • Finding a middle ground for the conversation to continue at the next meeting

The bullet points lead to methodically uncovering the facts.

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Your Story: Methodically Uncover The Facts

The better strategy is listening plus observing reactions. Most salespeople find that biting their lip so not to talk is difficult. The problem is when people speak at length; their words are tuned out. Intended clientele becomes impatient to the point of clients inviting these type of salespeople to leave and not return.

With the pressure upon you, are you anxious to talk and not listen? The more significant opportunity lies in what is we hear as well as what omitted from the conversation. Listening and questioning provide the number one strategy for becoming a successful salesperson.

Analyze your meeting habits; do you:

  • Allow your prospect to begin the conversation
  • Observe facial expressions, and body language as each of you speaks
  • Listen for facts that may influence a decision in your favor?

Initial questions to ask are:

  • Why am I here
  • What’s on your mind
  • What are the underlying reasons motivating you to resolve the issue
  • Will our help improve your bottom-line
  • How will your job and the office environment change with our help?

Conversations are never to be rushed or interrupted. Allow the prospect to speak in full. Then ask questions relating to what you heard.

Showing you care about serving clients well distinguishes you from most others. Likeability is an essential element for the sales cycle. However, it is rarely if ever mentioned in sales training.

Should you prove yourself to be likable, the next steps take place:

  • Scheduling of a new meeting
  • Asking for changes since you last met
  • Continuing the conversation on an equal footing

The salesperson’s bottom-line:

  1. Your prospects notice if you take a genuine interest in them and their business.
  2. You develop credibility and trust when authentic caring is on display.

Many more steps for the sales process follow. But it is up to this point where you are to prove yourself worthy for providing a proposal and of consideration.

Last, when you methodically uncover the facts and earn the sale, a reward awaits you. The bonus includes either a testimonial, referral or both.

For more ideas on how to methodically receive business testimonials and referrals, Read the collaborative list created by Carol Roth: 

Sales Tips: Methodically Uncover The Facts
  1. Agree to meet and ask why the invitation was extended to you
  2. Listen and observe more than you speak
  3. Uncover the problems at hand
  4. As new potential issues arise, ask about those
  5. Inquire about the prospect’s ideas for a solution
  6. Add to the offering of possibilities for solving the problem
  7. Capture notes about your prospect’s insights
  8. Confirm what you wrote matches what the potential client is thinking
  9. Establish a return appointment to continue the conversation
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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