Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

An exciting family trip turned into an upside down experience, literally. The young family rented a kayak for the children to experience. The owner did not distribute their weight well. As soon as the family was pushed from the sand into the water, they capsized.

Fortunately, cousins were nearby to rescue the 2 and 4-year-olds. The adults were able to get back into the kayak and return to the shore. Unfortunately, two iPhones used for work drowned.

My Story About Client Happiness

Not all sales experience smooth sailing. On occasion, something is not delivered as expected. The best way to potentially retain the client is to ask,

“How can we resolve this to your satisfaction?”

Some people will ask for little while others ask for too much. Sometimes the need exists to negotiate improved client happiness. When the ask is above what we can offer, honesty is the best policy.

The better route is to state what can be done to right the situation. Offering options to the client usually help heal the wound.

Returning to the story above, the mother returned to the Kayak office and spoke with the owner. She explained the incorrect weight distribution, the accident, and the loss of the iPhones.

The expectation was to receive a refund for the rental, nothing more. It was little to ask because the extended family also rented kayaks. The phones do not pose a big issue. One phone is covered by work, and the other is insured.

But, the owner essentially said, ‘tough luck.’  We can’t and won’t do anything to assist you.

The mother’s response was, if that’s your attitude and how you operate, then I’ll post poor reviews on the heavily trafficked websites. The owner replied, “I don’t care!’

Not caring about customer well-being can put one out of business or looking for another job.


Your Story About Client Happiness

Not every sale goes as we expect. Some entail unexpected twists and turns. The worst is when the expectations by a client are not met. Some people understand while others do not.

It’s how you handle the unhappiest of clients that will either end the relationship or see it grow. Poor reviews have been known to destroy companies. Negotiating an improved outcome is essential.

Behind the potential commotion is your brand reputation. A brand can easily self-destruct if one isn’t attentive to client requests and satisfaction. On the other hand, we can’t be held captive to demands. Therefore, negotiation for a satisfactory solution is the answer.

When Difficulties Arise Do You:

  • Ignore complaints
  • Ask for possible solutions from the client
  • Suggest compromises for the client to choose
  • Negotiate a satisfactory agreement for all
  • After the fact, check in to be certain satisfaction is theirs?

Top sales producers build a full sales funnel primarily with a returning and referring clientele. There will always be a couple of clients who leave your service, but the goal is to have them do so on friendly terms.

Sales representatives that are employed walk a tightrope. Not only do they have to satisfy their quota and employer, but they also have to be amenable to what clients suggest. The further negotiation is explaining to management the demands of clients.

In all cases, explain the story using the who, what, when, where and why segments. Leave emotion out of the explanation. Merely convey how you and the client see the solution and ask management to buy into it. Should management suggest otherwise, you then need to bring a modified offer to the client and have a heart-to-heart discussion.

Most often, when clients see you trying your best on their behalf, they will compromise. The reason for their forgiveness is it’s the unique salesperson who advocates on the client’s behalf.

Looking after the client’s best interest is a step toward earning a returning and referring clientele.

Sales Tips About Client Happiness
  1. Attitude and customer care determine future business
  2. When problems arise, ask for the client’s ideas for a remedy
  3. Analyze the possibilities together to select the better option
  4. If employed, present the arrangement to management and get the buy-in
  5. Should management object, provide a modified agreement to the client
  6. Gain approval from the client to move forward
  7. Check in after the solution is in place and inquire about satisfaction
  8. If adjustments are needed, make them immediately
  9. Ask again about the level of satisfaction
  10. Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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