Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Whether you are gainfully employed or striving to make it big in business, the only sure tactic is to embrace change.  There are no shortcuts to success. In spite of attempting to do our best, some days are downright frustrating. The real test is in our attitude and level of commitment.

My Story About Moving Forward with Change

Early in my career, I found it annoying to have to take time out of the day to read up on new technology and trends. I wanted sales to be the focus of my day. Accordingly, I switched to evenings for educating myself. Once the habit was developed, nothing and no one was going to stop me.

Given my determination to succeed, it always puzzles me when I hear people exclaim they can’t handle the extra work.

Some of these utterances plus one mind-boggling question are:

  • My phone no longer works well, but it’s too much trouble to change
  • It takes too much time to remain active on social media
  • Why are you still educating yourself; you should know what you need by now!

Society and technology are changing more rapidly than ever. Only those willing to quickly move forward with change are the ones who will thrive.

For example, this past week I read:

  • Flying taxis are being researched
  • Artificial intelligence will be widespread affecting many industries
  • Robotics may soon be in use during surgeries

Although some of these areas may not be a part of our expertise, we still need to be informed so that we can participate in varying conversations. We have to be adept in subject matter and engaged with our clientele.

In a conversation today, I was explaining to another the merit in never losing sight of your long-term vision. Remind yourself of it at night and awake with the thought in mind. The benefit is in developing keen focus alongside confidence, and the motivation to continue learning. The combination of the three increases our ability to sell well. 

Your Story

Like everyone else, you have successes to your credit along with setbacks. Are you doing everything in your power to move forward with change? Do You: Examine where errors take place

Reshape procedures to avoid the same mistakes

  • Analyze what works well
  • Leverage the best to ensure a robust system
  • Set time aside weekly to further educate?

Now think about the previous conversations you experienced with your clients.

  • Were you engaged with the prospective clients when the sale fell through?
  • Is there anything in your communication style that may be improved?
  • And with your successful sales, was there a different tone set in your discussions?

Know that it’s rare for anyone to earn 100% of the prospective business. But percentages can increase by becoming aware of where improvement can take place. A good practice is to document your starting point. Keep track of the steps you implement along the way, and the results you experience by having implemented those changes.

Over time, you will amaze yourself by the achievements you see due to the adjustments. The next steps are to take careful note of the most notable successes. Detail all that you did to make them happen. And then create a program to teach others to do the same. All of the above leads to the

Smooth Sale! Sales Tips for Moving Forward with Change
  1. Listen to what others have to say
  2. Don’t dismiss an idea until you investigate first
  3. Pay attention to what is trending on social media
  4. Discuss with peers changes they are implementing
  5. Ask counterparts if they have new thought under consideration
  6. Weigh pros and cons of new ideas
  7. Read the news
  8. Take classes
  9. Read books and articles
  10. Celebrate Success!

Personal Development and Business Agility are Always Required.

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