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My life’s work has been to relentlessly pursue a team spirit as I strive to help communities. My ambition is that of fighting for equality. I strive to prove that women can achieve anything they set their minds to doing. And I continually encourage others to pursue their dreams.

“Believe you can and you will.”

My Story

It is difficult to count my number of disappointments over jobs, people, and events, not living up to promises. Part of the difficulty is with some women not believing we deserve better. After a disaster, I give myself a 24-hour window of self-pity. But instead of calling it quits, I mentally plan my next move.

I recognize:

  1. Those who disappoint
  2. Those who hold a similar team spirit
  3. New and better directions

On occasion, the next move involves walking away from the “I told you so” people. Part of the revision is conferring with trusted and creative peers to exchange ideas. Later, we verify the new effort. Together, we relentlessly pursue a team spirit.

We can minimize the number of false starts by doing the following:

  • Analyze where we erred
  • Recognize the takeaway lesson
  • Revise our plan for moving forward
  • Set new goals with the future in mind
  • Smile as we leave yesterday behind and strive for a better tomorrow

“Learn the lesson or become the lesson.”

Speaking of lessons, my book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results’ reveals the many hurdles thrown my way on the first job. My head was in a tailspin, and my mind asked,

  • ‘What are you doing here?
  • Why don’t you quit?’

Thankfully, with teenage children at home, my higher motive was to be a good role model. I kept going.

The stories in the book speak to how the female style of empathy will put us at the top of the charts with clientele. But, back at the office, the lack of inclusion was appalling. I hear acceptance is still far from where it should be. And equal pay in sales is also a laughable matter unless one chooses 100% commission. Only then does the switch flip as the females outsell the men. #Empathy is a trending Hashtag. 

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team winning the World Championship aligns with much of what I advocate. The team exemplifies the fact that females are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to doing. And I, along with many, applaud their drive for equality concerning equal pay.

We cannot give up the fight to be rightfully recognized.

I see the championship, fight for equal pay, and my earning status on a number of Top Sales Leaders lists as connecting similar thought:

It takes motivated women, and pursuing a continuing collaborative team spirit effort to witness societal change.

Never giving up and fighting for what’s right is only the beginning. The icing on the cake is in building community and teaching others how to do better by sharing our mistakes.

My mantra is Believe, Become, Empower. Believe you can do it, become that person, and then teach those following in your footsteps to do the same. With a bonding effort, we will all become champions!

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Your Story: Relentlessly Pursue A Team Spirit

Early in your career, it is difficult to picture yourself in a position of leadership. But with time and experience, the opportunities begin to reveal themselves. There are a few cautionary notes to beware before plunging into the role.

The people who only focus on being in a leadership role are the ones others come to dislike. Those who ask themselves, how can I help my team, my community, my audience, are the ones who gain favor and are soon in the spotlight.

As you begin working with a team and a more extensive community consider:

  • The collective desires and goals among members
  • How to provide input and feedback that others graciously accept
  • How you may motivate and relentlessly work toward improving communities

Once you become comfortable in the role of being a mentor, coach, and motivator, revisit your ultimate vision. Just as you teach others, motivate yourself to level up your accomplishments. Consider how you can expand your view to empower more people.

The further you take others on their journey, the greater the reward.

Whether you are working with clients or communities at large, the people who see you in action and devoted to helping, are the ones who give their loyalty to you.

Sales Tips: Relentlessly Work Toward Pursuing A Team Spirit

  1. Recognize your inherent talent
  2. Combine your natural gifts with your passion
  3. Contribute to a team or community in need of what you have to offer
  4. Ask for feedback on how you may improve
  5. Implement suggestions for your improvement
  6. Motivate your community members
  7. Teach everyone to set goals per their long term vision
  8. Believe in your effort
  9. Find peers you trust to join the collaborative effort
  10. Celebrate Success!

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