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Some people may scoff upon seeing the title of today’s blog story, ‘what does teamwork mean to you?’ However, as with every other question, varying answers provide a great variety of thought. Giving thought to the question is essential today, given the societal change taking place globally.

My Story

First, let’s get down to the traditional meaning of teamwork. A Google search for the definition for teamwork provides the insightful article by Octanner. One of my themes is to research before connecting with another person or company, and before making recommendations.  Upon visiting the website, I am duly impressed by its dedication to workplace diversity and inclusion. The company provides the following definition for the word, ‘teamwork.’

‘Teamwork means that people will try to cooperate, using their individual skills and providing constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals.” Teamwork is selfless. … When people collaborate, they work together toward a common goal. Thus, the foundation for teamwork is a common goal.’ 

Similarly, I work with the Inclusion Allies Coalition, dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their webinars are exceptionally well-done and timing is everything:  Consider attending today’s webinar regarding Indigenous Invisibility: What Can DEI Practitioners Do? Click the link to register.  Past corporate experiences provide the reasoning for me to do so and the importance of coming to a collective agreement for defining teamwork. The committee in which I participate is unlike any other previous experience for the following reasons:

  • Our life experiences are entirely different from one another, yet there is enjoyment in working together.
  • There is no right or wrong; instead, we embrace the new insights that give way to possibilities. 
  • All ideas are welcome, up for discussion, and improved upon for implementation.

Change Vocabulary and Thought In A New Era

How we speak, write, and communicate on social media has an enormous impact on our branding effort and reputation.  The expression, ‘no man is an island,’ is truer than ever, however the saying is also in need of updating:  ‘No person is an island.’  Our effort begins with changing our vocabulary stemming from old-fashioned thinking.  

‘The words we use indicate who we are by revealing our thinking and our moral code; select wisely.

Forward-thinking companies are promoting a change of thinking for the corporate environment. More than ever, employees hold the desire to feel safe, secure with their job, and appreciated. Stress and anxiety are on the rise due to the pandemic. Unless people think their attendance will be welcome on multiple levels, it is unlikely they will remain long or worse, even attempt to return. 

‘Introspection and soul-searching regarding what we do well and where we err in today’s environment, provide the better route for proceeding and likelihood of success. 

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Your Story:  What does teamwork mean to you?

Begin the process of discovery by giving thought to your previous private experiences.  Some stand out in our minds forever, and most likely, some of yours were excellent and some the complete opposite.  Compare the incidents by examining:

  • What specifically angered you
  • The reasons why the scenario upset you
  • Steps you can take to avoid similar incidents in the future
  • The lessons you can take for improving future effort and help others do the same
  • Communities that will welcome your insights

As an entrepreneur trying to make it in today’s world, it is the collaborative effort and teamwork in every regard that will increase success. It is the exponential number that differentiates those who do well. It works by multiplying the total number of people down to one; in other words, each individual feeds ideas to the others, and reciprocity follows. For example, one person provides one thought process, and three people working together will exponentially provide a total of six (3x2x1) as the exponential factor kicks in.  Should 10 people be on a team, the exponential factor is a whopping 3,628,800.

Committing to sharing your experiences plus current insights will encourage others to share with you. The enhancement of communication and willingness to hear each other out fully will empower your effort. Of equal importance is listening without degradation as it will encourage a higher level of communication and thought on moving forward and audience attention

Executives in the corporate environment will do well to examine the effectiveness of communications across the divided disciplines.  The attempt to eliminate the divisions for a more open environment that promotes discussion, deliberation, and new thought will encourage a happier workplace. 

Salespeople recognize that the words they select can either detract from earning the sale or influence a decision on their behalf.  Consider an extra element to traditional training within the corporate environment.  Teach how to communicate both professionally and personally for people to stop and carefully listen.  Accomplishing careful listening encourages the next steps of thoughtful consideration and willingness to move forward together.  Include in the training the more effective communication skills. 

During team meetings, continue the training informally.  Inquire what and why each person on the team believes their delivery influenced the decision on their behalf.  If a company wants to earn more business, the competitive factor and awarding only the top producer needs reconsideration in modern times. 

By promoting a team conversation by sharing better strategies, most everyone will improve the sales statistics.  And should this occur, reward everyone, not just the top producer.  Doing so will encourage further teamwork and more extended employment.

In summary, exemplify what teamwork means to you and ask for input from those in your employ or with whom you work to extend the possibilities for witnessing more extraordinary achievement.

Sales Tips:  What Does Teamwork Mean to You?

  1. Inquire of others how they envision working together to realize if it’s a good fit or not.
  2. Employers will do well to ask employees the question, what does teamwork mean to you?
  3. Upon receiving answers to the above question, begin digesting the input to recognize the change in need.
  4. Encourage open dialogue in every conversation so that everyone feels their input matters.
  5. Diversity without inclusion is meaningless; promote the atmosphere of diversity and inclusion.
  6. Always be open to new thoughts and consider whether it applies to your effort.
  7. As new ideas arise, ask teammates or peers for their input to gain a broader spectrum for possibility.
  8. Spend time considering the question, what does teamwork mean to you?
  9. Revise your plans and ensure a cohesive plan of activities to produce a more robust outcome.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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