Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Uncertain offers call for replaying the pros and cons before acceptance. Listing the benefits of either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer will direct you to the better option. The practice also helps improve negotiation skills for business matters.

The answer of ‘no’ is better than not knowing ~ be fearless and ask!

My Story

As a salesperson, I learned that either a ‘no’ or ‘yes’ answer is acceptable. While ‘yes’ is the preferred response, a ‘no’ can be either permanent or temporary. It is our attitude of how we accept ‘no’ that will ultimately make the difference.

When it comes to accepting a job or a partnership, our livelihood and brand are at stake. Strict attention to details that verify the glorious painted picture will point you in the right direction. The purpose of these situations is to uncover the truth before moving forward.

Today’s story is a combination of the two above examples. An offer from a peer was made to help me with the marketing of my books. For me, writing is straight-forward compared to the marketing. While I silently jumped for joy, I knew permission was needed from the publishing houses to proceed. Complicating the issue, someone well-versed with the publishing houses told me not to waste my time by asking.

As the author, I could see both sides of the decision. Help with marketing a book will potentially be beneficial for the publishing houses. On the other hand, some might question whether a collaborative effort in this regard is a good idea. For more thought on this topic, visit: “Do You Assume All Collaborative Efforts are Good?” 

But the suggestion of not asking is the bigger problem for me.

If I do not ask, the answer will forever be unknown.

Admittedly, I would drive myself crazy not knowing if an opportunity were missed. Asking is vital for success! For more insight, read “Do You Leave the Door of Opportunity Open?” 

So I did what I do best. I followed through with the idea and asked for permission to proceed. Within 24 hours, the first publishing house said ‘yes!’ The representative admitted that they too could use all the help they can get.

A sales technique was used to reach the second person as an immediate response was not received. I varied my communication method using email first, and then the phone. Determination always helps!  My effort was appreciated and a second ‘yes!’ came my way.

The story could have ended with my not asking for permission, and not knowing what is possible. Instead, I now have a project in the works (stay tuned) with everyone working harmoniously.


Your Story About Replaying the Pros and Cons

Businesspeople are always managing multiple projects and find it difficult to slow down when necessary. But when possible new business is at stake, patience and the practice of taking a deep breath are your allies.

The bigger questions are:

  • Can you live with not knowing the answer to the burning question?
  • Will you ultimately beat yourself up for not having asked?

Now consider past situations where you were trying to be diplomatic while moving forward. Sometimes we try too hard to please others. 

Do You:

  • Step away from work to review the pros and cons
  • Attempt to see each answer without bias
  • Move forward with what will be most beneficial from your new perspective

As you adapt weighing pros and cons into your routine, you are likely to see quicker advancement. The reason is you become increasingly focused on and time-efficient with your goals. It then becomes easier to communicate your expectations and get others to buy into what you are seeking to accomplish.

The above steps are a part of the recipe for the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips for Analyzing Pros and Cons
  1. Create a document with two column headers
  2. List the positives and negatives for moving forward
  3. Determine if the two columns are equal in strength, or if one outweighs the other
  4. Consider if either column focuses on the short-term vs. the long-term view
  5. Will one column benefit more people
  6. Review what stands out to create a snippet of insight for the ask
  7. Be prepared to receive either a positive or negative answer
  8. Should the answer not be to your liking, ask for the reasoning behind it
  9. Graciously accept the answer and be proud you asked.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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