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Behind every type of communication, there is a need to give thought to the communication strategy. In sales terms, know in detail your goal for posting or speaking. More importantly, come to understand why your audience will care.

My Story

Throughout the years, I have unfortunately heard people pontificate or speak non-stop in social settings. Their ego takes over instead of having an appropriate conversation. Time did not exist for anyone else to express a thought.

Likewise, many managers suffered from the same. As I was accompanied on sales calls, no one else was allowed to speak. My clients were thoroughly annoyed. Seeing them upset made me angrier than my losing the ability to conduct a proper meeting. After it was all over, I would call to apologize and ask to begin anew.

Yesterday, Tom suggested that his group begin the effort of selling on social media. I asked about the strategy he has in mind. A blank stare came over his face. It was evident that he was going to post the all too frequent messages of “Buy, buy, buy…” Unfortunately, that scenario turns into “bye-bye.”

When people detect the aggressive style of attempting to sell upfront, they will delete, ignore and possibly mark the communication as spam.

Upon seeing continual advocacy to purchase, I choose to delete. One’s audience first has to connect personally with the seller. The better connection occurs only when helpful information is consistently shared. Once we establish credibility, the prospective client is then motivated to click the link for more information.

In meetings, a thorough needs analysis is the first phase of the conversation. Then a discussion centering on ‘if money isn’t an issue’ is to follow. Only afterward is it appropriate to discuss possible solutions for the problems. 


Your Story About Communication Strategy

Most people do not give much thought to how they communicate and come across. It’s best to envision yourself as the client first.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What interests me about the service?
  • Which problems will it solve?
  • Why will I or anyone else care?

Now you have a basis for how to share your narrative. Make the postings and email informative. Tell a story about how a client realized benefits by using your service, or why and how the concept developed.

Be human, be thoughtful, and listen.

The most overlooked aspect of sales is that it is a human-to-human interaction. The more you understand the problems that individuals and businesses are experiencing, the more adept you will be in your communication.

Communication Strategy that Works Best:
  • Provide information that your audience needs
  • Share insights of others that complement your offerings
  • In your feeds, like articles and comment on the ones particularly helpful
  • Post a higher percentage of useful information versus requests to buy
  • Thank people for sharing your information

As you become generous with sharing the insights of others, the reciprocity begins to build. One person alone cannot reach a sizable audience as those who voluntarily share the helpful ideas of one another.

Mirror What You Preach

It’s one thing to write and post your thoughts. But your audience has to see you in action too. Take the time to consider if all components of your work are consistent and complement one another. Think of your words, actions and deeds being in sync, and then look at all areas of your work for consistency.

Keep your promises; people realize they can count on your word, and soon trust builds.

The development of credibility and trust will have you reaching a more robust audience. Your communication strategy leads to developing a returning and referring clientele ~ the definition of the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips for Communication Strategy
  1. Know your long-term vision and keep it with you at all times
  2. Develop a personal story to share in full or a couple of sentences as appropriate
  3. Interact with others person to person rather than seller to the prospective client
  4. Treat people with care and give their words thought
  5. Ask questions to understand their experiences, issues and their future vision
  6. Exchange stories as similar ideas come to mind
  7. Continue on your road of personal development
  8. Remain on top of changes to the social platforms
  9. While technology may change, etiquette will always be appreciated
  10. Celebrate Success!
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