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Note: Jakub Kliszczak, Junior Marketing Specialist, CrazyCall, provides today’s guest blog.

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My Story About Measures for Extraordinary Results

I am driven to put in place measures for extraordinary results.  My passion is for digital marketing, developing new businesses, and turning new ideas into real ventures. 

On any job, we each have continual tasks and responsibilities holding equal priority.  Our job is to execute them and meet the deadlines. When I began working at CrazyCall, my biggest challenge was to organize and schedule my work.

Organizing and scheduling work is a common obstacle for most new hires, and those wanting to be more efficient at their work.  So, I am sharing a few techniques likely to help you get organized.

These techniques are straightforward, but don’t let the easiness fool you. Keep in mind, ordinary measures can yield extraordinary results.

Easy Techniques for Achieving Measures Extraordinary Success

  1. Harness your calendar
  2. Put your tasks on a to-do list
  3. Either use a pen and paper or a dedicated app like Todoist.

The purpose of either choice is to visually see the tasks at hand.

Underline the routine or daily tasks. Depending on the tasks related to your job, most do not consume a lot of energy but can take up a lot of time.

The last step is to fill the calendar.

If you are older school, you can update tasks and goals using an organizer.  But, I highly recommend you use Google Calendar or another digital calendar for greater efficiencies.  Using an online calendar will let you quickly plan out the whole day while keeping you reminded of all the tasks with handy notifications.

When I’m planning out my workday, I try to mix the routine tasks with the more creative and challenging ones. The combination of the two reduces boredom due to an overload of everyday responsibilities.  And I never get burnout due to constant creative thinking.

Your Story About Developing Measures for Extraordinary Results

Experiment to find the better way for you to schedule tasks. The most important piece is to begin! Once the task is on the calendar, you will witness noticeable improvement in time management and extra hours available. 

Prioritizing tasks used to require allotted time for brainstorming what comes first.  Today, the process only takes me a few minutes.

The differentiators for planning are:

  1. Each new day is the beginning of yesterday
  2. Consistency 

The end of today is the time to plan out tomorrow. Ideally, you should always start planning one day ahead.

Sometimes it feels as if work gets in the way of your life. Accordingly, you can’t do things that you enjoy doing. You may miss opportunities of going out with friends, watching football, or working out.

As with every repeatable task, you want to be consistent with planning and make it a part of  your routine. Give yourself a few minutes in the evening to plan out the next day. Schedule the routine tasks that you know are ‘must do’s.’  Such an approach helps you maintain a work-life balance.

Precise Planning Enables Measures for Extraordinary Results

It is the planning that will help you find time for both work-related tasks and everyday personal activities.

  • Commit to making progress each working day
  • Do not limit yourself to routine tasks

Of course, advancing might be highly dependent on the job you have, as well as your boss.  On the downside, people often back down from taking on more challenging tasks. But, not trying will quickly result in an overall lack of motivation and burnout.

Many studies show that money is not the primary factor that makes employees show up to work. Often it is confidence in the business. Awareness of the work one does impacts the state of the company.  This information is as valuable to employers as it is to employees.

New, challenging tasks will keep you curious about your job and will shadow the routine tasks that are often quite boring and repetitive. Embrace the challenge

For example, I view each day as an opportunity to build the CrazyCall presence online.  Secondly I focus on increasing the ranking of our calling software.

Reminder About Planning for Measures and Extraordinary Results

Some days show great results with more customers and numbers going higher while the other days yield no sign of progress. The clue is to embrace the challenge and cherish the process.

Upfront establish your goal for the day such as:

  • New customers
  • More traffic of higher domain authority

The final goal is to be able to evaluate the progress.

Most of all, focus on the process. Why?

The whole month may pass by, and the numbers won’t move. However, on the 32nd day, the volume can skyrocket. Focusing on the goal would make you cry over “poor results” for 31 days. But cherishing the process will have you focus on the daily tasks necessary to hit the final goal.

Each day comes with a full set of new challenges. At CrazyCall, we have clear goals that the whole company strives to attain.  The goals are what drive my motivation.

Each week we try to come up with the new ways of improving our progress towards the goal, and that gives us the ability to experiment and try out new, and creative ideas.  It is the novelty of the attempts that keeps me and others motivated to continue on a daily basis.

Next year, we are going to release more game-changing features that will better the whole experience of using our software. The goal is for our customers to operate in a more flexible and efficient way.

Sales Tips: Measures For Extraordinary Results

  1. Plan out your tasks
  2. Do the planning the day before
  3. Progress by taking on more challenging tasks
  4. Focus on the process
  5. Embrace the challenge and find joy and motivation in it
  6. Use the motivation to continue improving
  7. Collaborate with others for new ideas to arise
  8. Continue to research and read up on new ideas
  9. Reward team effort for adding to the ideas in place
  10. Celebrate Success!

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