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Note: Eman Khalid provides today’s guest blog, Do You Want To Attain A Successful Writing Career?  She is a writer, journalist, storyteller, researcher, and media professional. Her writings mostly focus on female rights, poverty issues, mental health issues, violence, drug abuse, and also spirituality. She aspires to make a difference in the world through her love for weaving words. Her writings have been published on various educational, literary, and informational platforms.

Eman’s leadership skills led her to become a brand ambassador for Womenpreneur-Initiative, a platform aimed at empowering women in the MENA region. Eman is a contributing writer to the Women’s Republic Magazine, the Walled City Journal, Women in Technology (WITI), MOOCTORS, Soulivity Magazine, the LATEST, BlackIvy Media, True Urban Culture Media, Fashion360 Magazine, Luxe Kurves Magazine, and many more. Other than that, she has also been a co-author of various international literary anthologies. Eman Khalid is an English Language and Literature student with a profound passion for learning. When she is not writing, you will find her reading history books, listening to songs, stargazing, taking long walks at the beach, and capturing the beauty of nature through her camera lens. Connect with Eman on LinkedIn:


Do You Want to Attain a Successful Writing Career?

I firmly believe that each individual in this world has something to offer to society through their skills, whether through writing, art, dancing, medicine, technology, learning, or problem-solving. 

How Did I End Up Pursuing A Writing Career? 

As a fifteen-year-old girl, I wrote out of my love for writing. I remember sitting in my physics class in the corner of the room, scribbling poems at the back of my textbook. I had a hard time analyzing mathematical theorems, and I was not too fond of organic chemistry. So while other girls my age spent their spring break studying physics or learning the various chemical formulas of chemistry, I spent my time reading history.

I loved reading novels written by authors who had died a thousand years ago. So when other girls my age memorized Einstein’s gravitational formulas, I spent my time analyzing and learning the dramatical lines of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar, and a Midnight’s Summer Dream. When it was time for me to pursue a college degree, I chose to major in the subject that intrigued me the most ~ English Literature. 

Writing came to me before I entered college. When I was in high school, I stumbled upon a magazine accepting submissions from amateur writers. It was a newly launched magazine, and they campaigned towards spreading mental health awareness. Every month, I wrote 3-4 articles or short stories. The amount of love and praise I got from readers worldwide was overwhelming. Little did I know, that was the beginning of my journey toward pursuing a full-time successful writing career.

I chose a writing career because throughout the years I’ve written and published hundreds of articles on platforms worldwide, I realized one thing: words hold the power to change someone’s life. They hold the power to create an impact and to cause movements. Words have the power to heal. So I wanted to use my writing skills to help those in need and to make them realize that they’re not alone. 

Writing came to me like a revelation in the middle of the night. It was at a time that loneliness engulfed every inch of my soul. But when I picked up my pen and started inscribing the words of my heart onto the pages of my diary, I felt at ease and free. I felt whole, and I felt complete. It was when I decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

What Problems Did I Face Throughout my Writing Career? 

From the fear of not being good enough to the fear of not being able to attain a good-paying job, there were many hurdles I had to overcome throughout my writing career. I joined the journalism industry to make it as a writer. It is an excellent way to utilize one’s writing skills than by writing for an outlet that thousands of readers would read.  The opportunity eventually led me to a successful writing career.

Throughout my writing career, I’ve faced racism and I’ve faced sexism. I’ve had hiring managers who did not want to work with me because of my race and recruiting managers who only cared about my looks more than my writing portfolio. There were moments of utter discouragements, and there were moments of sheer hopelessness. However, I overcame those struggles by constantly reminding myself why I started in the first place.

I aspired to make a difference in the lives of people through the words I spoke and wrote. My passion for attaining a successful writing career was far greater than my fear of rejection and failure. 

How Can You Succeed to Enjoy A Successful Writing Career? 

Choose a degree in any one of these fields that will allow you to nurture your writing skills. 

  • Communications and Media 
  • English Literature 
  • Public Relations 
  • History 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Technical Writing 

You can pursue many careers as a writer that will allow you to impact lives and create positive change in the community. Some of those careers are: 

  • Content Writer 
  • ?Journalist 
  • Travel Writer 
  • News Writer 
  • Scriptwriter 
  • Novelist 
  • Translator 
  • Publicist 
  • Magazine Writer 
  • Speech Writer 
  • Creative Writing Tutor 

However, just pursuing a degree is not the only step to attaining a successful writing career. There will be thousands of candidates who will possibly be better writers than you. So what can you do to outshine them and prove to recruit managers that you’re a better writer? 

Write. Write. Write. Write. 

Write while you’re in college, begin sending out content for publication to platforms in your community and local magazines. They might publish it, or they won’t. Every writer goes through moments of failure and rejection. But, don’t let those rejections determine your self-worth. I received a hundred “no’s” before I received one “yes.” And trust me when I tell you this, that one “yes” was utterly worth all those years of failures and rejections. It taught me that nothing in life comes easy, and even talent requires hard work. 

 Do I See A Successful Writing Career A Few Years From Now? 

As human beings, we go through different chapters in our life. And the previous chapters of my life were called “rejection.”  Each time rejection came my way; I viewed it as being suitable for me. The journey was redirecting me towards something better. When I was in 11th grade, I was the only girl in my class who failed three main subjects of my school year, and I had to repeat them all together in year 12.

Four years later? I am studying what I like. I have contributed to over 50+ literary and educational platforms worldwide. I have interviewed A-list influencers, Guinness world record holders, makeup artists, award-winning musicians, entrepreneurs, political figures, producers, and many more. In addition, I have been a co-author of more than twenty poetry books. Last month, I was interviewed by an award-winning producer and journalist for Visionary Minds Media as a part of their women in media campaign. 

I am also leading the project, Unity for Women, which is an initiative inclined toward helping the women of minority communities. In addition, my leadership skills led me to become a brand ambassador for Womenpreneur-Initiative, a platform aimed toward financially empowering women in the Middle East and North African regions. After graduating from college, I wish to spend the next few years traveling the world and helping those in need. I especially want to help the women and children of the minority communities while also pursuing my journalism and media dream. 

I aspire to launch a non-profit organization of my own. What keeps me motivated every day? My passion is for creating change and for empowering individuals. I write because it is the only job where I can be 100% authentic. I write because it is one of the best ways to reach women across different parts of the world and inspire them to follow their dreams. I am not a superhero, nor do I have any high connections in the media industry. However, I work harder than others and stay up late to deliver better than expected. I remain consistent in the face of adversity and stand tall against discrimination. In conclusion, it takes a positive mindset and motivation to attain a successful writing career.

Keep in mind: If I can do it, so can you!

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Sales Tips: Attain A Successful Writing Career?

  1. Believe you will succeed, and continue with the work you enjoy.
  2. Ignore the nay-sayers.
  3. Remind yourself that you will succeed.
  4. Continue contacting new prospects while conferring with current clients.
  5. Capture your thoughts each evening in writing.
  6. Revisit goals to make improvements each new day
  7. Remind yourself that you will succeed.
  8. Give and take help on your journey.
  9. Acknowledge setbacks to realize a better path.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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