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Being your best possible self at work is not always easy. You might be easily distracted or uninspired due to no career progression after all your hard work. However, pushing through and taking on the right tips will help you be better at your job. If your job isn’t fulfilling, then a better approach is to find something that makes you happy and inspired.

The insights below apply to most jobs, careers, and entrepreneurs.  Upon starting out, most of us want to prove how good we are until work may prove us wrong.  So many factors play into whether we succeed.  Disappointment can easily take over and then worsen by not taking action.  It is wise to pay serious attention to helpful insights that come our way. 

On that note, here are some innovative ways to be better at your job and find a job that you enjoy and look forward to doing each day.


How To Be Better At Your Job

Get The Right Gear

Being better at your job is straightforward with the right gear. If you lack the best tools or uniform, how are you supposed to look and perform at your best?

For example, if you work in the healthcare industry and find yourself uncomfortable and stressed because of tight trousers, you will want to consider getting the right gear for the job. Clothes that fit well and look the part will make you feel comfortable and act more serious in your role. When you look and feel the part, you will work the part. You can check out new medical uniforms at Uniform Advantage to suit any role in the healthcare industry.

Take On Extra Learning

By learning more, you can bring additional skills to the workplace. Your tasks will feel easier to complete due to attaining more knowledge. Plus, you can offer more to your company, which potentially can result in a promotion.

Extra learning can be achieved alone or through work. If your company offers additional education, committing to it will help you enhance your skillset and provide more expertise concerning your work. You can attain new qualifications and complete courses that work offers you. Doing so will add to your credibility and show management that you are keen to learn and take on new responsibilities.

If extra training is not available at work, then consider seeking help externally. You can read more books, complete online courses, and research your industry to learn the latest news, attain new skills, and more insights about your role. You can take this new knowledge into your workplace and showcase your skills to management, they will likely be impressed. The bonus is that you will perform your best with more knowledge and understanding of your industry.

Learn To Say No

Although it might feel like a good thing to say yes to everyone and everything at work, it can eat up a lot of your time and distract you from being attentive to your work. You may be in the middle of something important and get asked to a meeting. Should you be in a highly productive flow, and it’s possible to decline a meeting, become comfortable with saying, ‘no.’

You can attain the information from the meeting after it happens, in your own time, and complete what you need to. Saying no more frequently will ensure that you fulfill your tasks before anyone else’s.

Pay Close Attention

To be the best you can be in the job, you need to be attentive to your priorities. If you have tasks to complete yet find yourself distracted by the lunchtime menu in the cafeteria, it is best to avoid distractions and get on with what needs doing.

By paying closer attention, you will be more likely to fulfill and complete projects. You will get your to-do list done versus avoiding work and wasting your time.

Plan Ahead

Getting to work and not knowing what the day will entail can cause you to feel uninspired, overwhelmed, or stressed. Either way, it is not a good feeling to start the day off on the wrong foot.

Thus, planning and knowing what to expect from each day will help you prepare. You can organize your day before you get to the office, which will help you utilize your time and complete all essential tasks.

A great way to optimize your time and get the most out of your day is to set timings for each task. Spending too long on one aspect of work can create havoc. Either you won’t get everything done or will need to work late hours. The downward spiral can impact your mood and energy the following day. Timed tasks will ensure that you maintain productivity and tick off your to-do list in good time.

Keep A Journal 

Speaking of being organized with your workdays, it can help to keep a journal. You can write your to-do lists, your best ideas, and how you stay productive.  At the same time, list other outside learning that you wish to complete to improve your skillset.

By using a journal, you will never forget anything that you need or want to achieve.

Ask For Help 

There is no harm in asking for help when you are stuck at work. The request helps you to avoid spending far too long trying to solve an issue and getting nowhere. By asking for help, you attain the knowledge you need to solve the problem and get on with your day.

Another way to view asking for help is in seeking advice. Asking questions provides new insights and will help you perform better at work. The latest insights can become a learning curve by helping you attain good working tips from your colleagues.

Connect With Your Boss

Being friendly with your boss is essential for workplace happiness. If you have a professional plus friendly connection, you can better understand what they want and expect from you. Not all managers will be receptive, but for those who are, it can work out well for you.

When you know what your boss wants, their goals for the business, and how they think you can improve your effort.  You can use this knowledge to perform better at work and try to hit those goals.

To have a better connection with your boss you might want to consider asking for a meeting. Requesting one-on-one time without any distraction will ensure that you have their full attention and get the most out of your conversations.

Take Breaks 

Experiencing burnout at work can cause you to feel stressed and uninspired. When this happens, you can easily fall off the bandwagon and not perform well at work.

You can reduce or avoid burnout by taking breaks. Short breaks throughout your workday plus well-deserved extended breaks for a vacation are helpful and essential for your mental well-being.

Short breaks will allow you to reset your thoughts and gather your ideas. Simply taking a ten-minute walk can help clear your head and get your mind back in the right place to be motivated and productive at work.

Likewise, taking an extended break for a vacation will be necessary from time to time. Having a week or two and entirely switch off and disconnect from work will help you feel inspired and motivated when you get back to the office.

Give Yourself Credit

Nobody is perfect. Even if you feel that a colleague is performing better than you, then so what? The better measurement is to compare your today’s performance to that of yesterday. Your effort and results are most important in your world.

Crediting yourself allows you to acknowledge your efforts and reward yourself for your performance at work. A simple gift can help re-inspire you and encourage the continuing effort.

Whenever you hit a goal at work, use it as an excuse to celebrate. Small wins are the next step to your end goal, and it is a fantastic feat.

How To Find A Job That You Love

If you find yourself stuck in a job where you see no progression and can’t perform your best as the role is holding you back, consider finding another job, one that you will look forward to every day.

3 Tips:

  1. Consider your skills:
    A careful review of your skills will help you find a role that is better suited to you. If you have the right skills and experience for your dream job, then go for it and grab it with both hands. Don’t let your lack of confidence hold you back. Apply for any job that you desire and upon being hired, use your skills and experience to your advantage.
  2. Visit the company:
    You might find your desired company but wonder if it really would fulfill your career dreams. If so, then ask to visit the company. On the first job interview, ask to meet the boss and get their perspective on what it’s like working for the company. You might surprise yourself and realize how well you will fit in.
  3. Get a mentor:
    You can share your goals and ideas with a mentor and together formulate a plan. They will help you identify your self-worth, find your confidence, and let you know that you are worthy of attaining the job you desire. The program you create will help you find the job you desire.

In summary, there is almost nothing worse than having to do work that you don’t enjoy daily. The insights above help you get into a positive mindset to make the most of your current position or find the job you desire.  Once motivated to work each day and perform your best, you enable greater career satisfaction.

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Sales Tips:  Be Better At Your Job

  1. Create a spreadsheet with two columns: ‘What I enjoy vs. What I dislike.’
  2. Decide if you can improve the ‘dislikes.’
  3. Determine how you can embellish the items ‘I enjoy.’
  4. Consider what you wish the job would include.
  5. Ask for a meeting with your Manager to discuss concerns and ideas for growth.
  6. Take notes in the Manager’s vocabulary to confirm everything and have it on record.
  7. Request specific training; if not available, seek it elsewhere.
  8. Retain a career coach to help you advance to the next level.
  9. Record which new efforts work best to repeat and consider helping others.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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