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Note:  Alex Alibiso provides today’s guest insights, Do You Want To Cancel SMS Scams? And be sure to review his Infographic below.




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Do You Want To Cancel SMS Scams?

At one time or another, you or someone you know has probably received a text message from a random number.  In many cases, the sender pretends to be a family or relative, asking to receive prepaid load credit via a specified mobile phone number.

Another commonly used technique is when the sender claims that you have won in a contest. They provide instructions on how you can redeem the prize. Naturally, they ask for your personal details, including your bank account.

There are also text messages from individuals or the company they supposedly represent. The notes alert you of unauthorized transactions made on your credit or debit card.

These kinds of scams are not new. They have been rampant since the early years of SMS and the development of the internet and mobile phones. The goal is to lure you into sharing sensitive data, which fraudsters need to gain access to the apps that you use.

Fortunately, it’s possible to cancel SMS scams and phishing attempts.  You are able to remain safe online. You should be able to tell if a text message is a fraud.

Look For These Red Flags:
  • Unverified number

An unverified number is one you cannot find in your Contacts directory. You should only expect to receive marketing messages or account updates from companies if you opted in.   The opt-in means you’ve given them consent to communicate important information with you now and then.

  • Errors in grammar or spelling

Spelling mistakes are a clear giveaway of SMS scams. First, the fraudster is in a hurry to send the message. Or the reason could be something more intentional.

Believe it or not, some people will say straight to the scammer’s face that they know what they are sharing is a scam.  They know because the text message they receive is complete with spelling errors. The reaction signals to scammers that the recipient is not the type to fall victim to their scheme.  Accordingly, they will remove that person from their list the next time around. In this instance, you can cancel SMS scams.

Fraudsters may also come from different locations or countries that don’t speak your first language.  The most common is English. As such, they may be composing their text message in their native language and then using Google translate to come up with the English version.

The translation is one possible reason you’ll see grammatical errors. It is easier for Google to make a direct translation of the message, not based on context. 

  • Request for OTP

Many sites or apps require a one-time passcode (OTP) to authenticate your identity. Before the system lets you log in to your account, you need to key in the OTP that you receive.  You receive the code on your registered mobile number or device.

The general rule of thumb is to never share with another your OTP. Legitimate and professional institutions have been reminding their customers about this safety protocol at every opportunity possible.

Then again, scammers may try to ask for your OTP.  They claim that they need it to stop the unauthorized activity in your account. Once you come across this type of message, don’t entertain it because it’s fraud for sure. Keep in mind that you can cancel SMS scams!

  • Request for donations

Although most SMS scams aim to get money from you through illegal means, there are also cases when scam artists will attempt to appeal to your generosity.

They’ll be asking if you could donate some money for a good cause. This scenario occurs during times of a disastrous event. The crisis is recent, whereby people lost their homes or livelihood.

Remember that it’s better and safer to provide your donations through proper channels like government organizations, media companies, and charitable institutions. You can rest assured that your donations will go to those who need them.

Whether you like it or not, there will always be attempts to take advantage of people via digital means like SMS scams. Always be alert and ignore messages that may cause you some trouble. Then share the word to your family and friends too about the things to watch out for in suspicious text messages. Diligently working together, you can cancel SMS scams.





Unwanted messages, calls, emails, and solicitations bombard people on a regular basis. Those who know better simply hit delete or ignore them, quickly identifying that these are scams. However, not everyone is as well-informed when it comes to identifying such schemes, especially in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can cancel SMS scams in the future, when you take the time to read through the tips above.  Be certain you fully understand each point, or ask another for help.  The time spent will be well-worthwhile.


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  4. Flag ‘you have inherited’ messages for deletion and future blocking.
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