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Do You Want To Earn Money As You Enjoy Doing Something?

Almong Atar

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A Play-to-Earn game does precisely that. It is perhaps the pinnacle of Digital Gaming, where being proficient in playing a game is enjoyable and has a ton of rewards where users can earn real money. 

Every day, many games are in the process of release. And there is a slight hindrance to this. Your game might get ignored despite being as good as a diamond.  Hence, we have brought a list of P2E Marketing firms that can help your game outshine others to get the maximum attention. Consider the insights below and then consider the question, ‘do want to earn money as you enjoy doing something?’

If You Want to Earn Money ~ Learn How to Play to Earn

P2E Marketing Firms To Consider For Your Project:

P2E Marketing

Play to Earn games are getting popular due to their intrinsic business model. It helps players earn money while having fun. There are various methods of making money, such as selling upgraded NFTs, monetizing gameplay, earning in-game tokens, etc. More players will get attracted to these platforms with an attractive and relatively easy way to make money.

With increasing players, there will be more competition among businesses. Here comes the significant role of a marketing agency. A marketing agency helps you reach more and more players through various means such as advertising, hosting podcasts, hiring influencers, etc. In short, they are a one-stop solution to popularize your game.

Before hiring any marketing agency for your project, verify that their services suit your needs. An increase in visibility does not always translate to increased user engagement. Further, every project has its strengths and limitations. Your Marketing Agency should bring your strengths to the limelight while mitigating the effects or downplaying your limitations.

Marketing Agencies

Things to Consider If You Want to Earn Money

We have curated a list of top marketing projects with specialties in methods suitable for your projects. Ensure you choose them according to your requirements. If you are unsure of your needs, research the possibilities. We do suggest going with our top choice, the all-rounder.


Guerilla Buzz is an all-rounder marketing agency specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, crypto SEO, game marketing, and web3 technologies. They are a growth agency with an experience of over four years. With big names like CoinGecko, Cool Wallet, PolySwarm, Bancor, and many others, they have successfully handled more than 30 projects. Further, GuerillaBuzz has helped its clients secure more than $300 Million.

The product portfolio focuses explicitly on Blockchain Products, and hence, they are better suited to handling crises if things go south. They offer PR, Crypto SEO, Blockchain Marketing, etc., services that can raise awareness for your crypto project and shape public opinion in your favor. Such expertise is necessary during growth and in a crisis if you face any.

As of now, they are providing free consultation to all before anyone takes their services. Further, they have marketing guides available on their website if you wish to take a closer look.

LunaPR (Digital Media)

LunaPR is a full-stack digital marketing agency specializing in blockchain projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Serial entrepreneur Nikita Sachdeva founded it. 

Their website offers services for almost all blockchain projects. They may include, for example, cryptocurrencies, NFT, blockchain, gamefi, defi, and metaverses.

Their service portfolio includes public relations, advisory, branding, and marketing. 

Melrose PR(Brand Communications)

Melrose PR is a Los Angeles(Silicon Beach) communication agency offering marketing and advertising. It claims to use best media practices to show its client’s project in the best focus. Melrose PR is dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain and is an active advocate of its adoption. 

The services portfolio of the agency includes press releases, strategy, thought leadership, and content marketing. It has clients like Ciphertrace, Terra, and Blocknative, among many others.

YAP Global(Storytelling)

YAP Global is a communications and public relations firm that offers services in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, defi, and web3 fields. It focuses on storytelling as a strategy and utilizes it quite well. Every game represents an emotional side through its storyline. YAP Global has a contra strategy that gets users in touch with your game’s emotional side.

The service portfolio involves media relations, strategy, brand positioning, crisis communications, and event management. The agency also trains other professionals upon request.

Conclusion: Do You Want To Earn Money As You Enjoy Doing Something?

Marketing a project is as essential as creating it. Any good project can stay hidden from the eyes of the public even though it might be the best one. With creators launching hundreds of web3 games every year, it is easy for even an avid player to miss most of them. 

 In such a situation, a PR agency increases the reach of your project so that you and relevant players can find each other. Further, they also handle the press and media relations and present a cleaner brand image, which helps further user engagement.

Sell via Building Relationships

Be A Story-Teller

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“Believe, Become, Empower”

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HIRED! Helped many to secure the job they desired. 

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Sales Tips: Do You Want To Earn Money As You Enjoy Doing Something?

  1. Research the experts you believe can provide the assistance you need before investing in services.
  2. Compare and contrast services vs. the fees vendors require.
  3. Be diligent regarding what you can afford versus taking a chance.
  4. Make decisions for business growth in regards to the long-term.
  5. Consider whether an investment in services will add value for you and your clientele.
  6. Communicate the updates in a way that your clientele realizes the benefits.
  7. Review what you like best about your business and how you may expand upon those aspects.
  8. Compare and contrast the extras your peers and competitors provide in their services.
  9. Upon answers the questions, do you want to earn money?, contemplate which strategies may apply well to how you conduct business before investing.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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