How to Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

Business-oriented, I found myself in complete surprise to realize the sports team is overlooking essential steps for success. The score throughout the game indicates something is amiss. Moreover, it was evident the televised game was missing the typical crowd.

Business development resembles the development of sports teams. I asked others what they believe to be the problem. Their answers confirm that entrepreneurs and executives can learn from the lessons the team is now facing.

My Story: Overlooking Essential Steps for Success in Three Parts.

#1 Safety vs. Injury

Corporations face scrutiny regarding the safety of their employees. Any violation faces a steep fine. Should a preventable mishap occur, lawsuits are soon on the table. There is no question that safety comes first. I recall one company insisting that sales team members participate in a safety training class.

It wasn’t surprising to hear that the team in question faces more injuries than any other. If players are routinely injured, how can management expect loyalty from them? Each year, the better players seek out employment with other teams. The possibility of increasing wins decreases with each injury. The issues are both a training and a management problem. They contribute to the dilemma of overlooking essential steps for success.

Questions for management:

  • Is safety not of the same priority for sports?
  • Should team owners have to report to a higher power to ensure player safety?
  • How can you avoid overlooking essential steps for success?
#2 Take It Or Leave It

Management has complete control over the players. Receiving input from the team is a non-starter. Coaching can use improvement. Once the team is in place, it almost seems as if they don’t matter. The attitude is, ‘if you don’t like it, leave.’

And now we advance to the corporate revolving door syndrome – employee in and soon out. In either case, sports or business, the cost of turnover becomes prohibitive.

#3 Management goes to great lengths for recruiting talented players.

The excitement is on both sides. The players want to be on the team, and management is happy to have their offer accepted. The process is very similar to being hired for a corporate job. The experiences to follow will dictate either an excellent or poor outcome.

The same team chose to have a mediocre player on the field throughout the entire game. Meanwhile, the talented new-hire was forced to sit on the bench. It must have been demoralizing for him to watch the incompetence on the field while he was allowed to do nothing. Should the same continue, the talented player will be seeking out a new team next year.

Still using the same horrific game as the model, this approach confirms the continuation of overlooking essential steps for success. The players have little or no input, whereas management has complete control. The idea of team meetings where everyone has an equal voice is non-existent. Similar to a demeaning corporate job, the excitement of new-hires begins to tone down.

Successful sales depend upon a returning and referring clientele. When a representative continually focuses on new business without nourishing the current, by year-end, he needs to seek a different job.

The winning elements for business or teams are:
  1. Grooming current clients plus maintaining a full sales pipeline
  2. Excellence in training
  3. Companies seeking input from each team member 
  4. Devotion to grooming a returning and referring clientele or teammates
  5. Contracting expert mentors to accelerate success

Motivated and together, teams are far more likely to win versus overlooking essential steps for success. 

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Your Story: Overlooking Essential Steps For Success

All aspects of a business will have one pondering if they are overlooking essential steps for success. Larger companies create Boards, and individuals seek out mentors to ensure they are on the right path. Everyone in-between will confer with peers, friends, and those they admire.

The commitment to the continued education of all types is essential as it helps avoid overlooking essential steps for success. In addition to seeking out a mentor-coach, consider:

  • Reading books
  • Listening to podcasts and watching videos
  • Taking online courses
  • Learning from life lessons
  • Studying for advanced certification or degree

The method for advancement is less important than the motivation and perseverance you hold.

Confess the following:

  • Are you committed to improving each day?
  • Do you persevere no matter what comes your way?
  • And are you on a streak for continually resetting more advanced goals?

By dedicating yourself to improving your effort or game, you will no longer be overlooking essential steps for success. You will arrive at enjoying your successful journey!

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