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A student training facility wants desperately to move from Chaos to business growth. The nationwide chain has an overall outstanding reputation. It was with almost disbelief as I listened to the local story.

The company is known for outstanding training. Students attend daily classes and experience job training for close to a year. Contributing to the overall client experience is excellent service at the front desk. Unfortunately, everything began to unravel at one location.

Always be on the alert for improvement and be willing to change direction.

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My Story

Over the past few years, I have enjoyed the results of the student training. Precision defined all of their systems. Each element of business complimented the rest. Their approach to business encouraged a returning and referring clientele.

The components of the company business growth include:

  • Text messages for reminders and confirmation of appointments
  • Quick check-in on site
  • High-value based pricing
  • Friendly systematic check-out
  • Excellent service

Text messaging and reminders are still in place. But everything else seems to have evaporated. It was horrifying to see the decline in service almost overnight. I asked a student whom I came to know, ‘What happened?’

From a business growth standpoint, the answer was almost unbelievable.

According to Anna, “Everyone quit at the same time!” Covering her tracks, Anna did not reveal the actual cause for the dilemma.

Quitting included the employees dedicated to:

  • Training the students
  • Front Desk Help
  • The staff behind the scenes

My concern for the students and the school raised the following questions:

  • Will they have to remain an extended period until the right teachers are in place?
  • Will the students graduate without proper training?
  • How badly will the reputation of the local school be damaged?
  • Could the same be taking place at other locations?
  • Will the year-end bottom-line be in the black or the red?

Anna admitted she isn’t experiencing much progress since the trainers left. The Chaos is evident, and business growth is at a standstill. Capping the experience off, was the lack of knowledge behind the front desk. It took at least fifteen minutes to check out as Chaos took the lead.

A jaw dropping statement from years ago came to mind. The company I was with was experiencing the forever ‘Revolving Door Syndrome.’

The Syndrome Involves 3 Steps:

  1. Employees are excited to be hired.
  2. Little training or help is available, employees feel betrayed, and frustration sets in
  3. Quitting becomes the norm.

An accountant revealed that the cost of one employee, who accepts a job and leaves within the year approaches six figures. The statement was made twenty-three years ago. Let’s assume the same amount remains valid today. Multiplying the number of people who quit the training school by $100,000 is a staggering sum. Most companies would not be able to continue.

Further reflection came to me regarding my eleven-year career. Even as a top producer, I interviewed, on average every 14 months. The training was pathetic. We were told, ‘Here is a script, memorize it.’ Admittedly, I ignored all of the instruction.

Given the attitude of management, there was no sense asking for help. In all those years, only one manager acted as my coach. His advice propelled my future success.

Leave Chaos Behind by Reading:

  1. Are You Preparing For The Future? 
  2. Do You Influence Others To Do Better? 
  3. TOP 50 Sales Experts & Influencers of 2019

Be Motivated To Move From Chaos to Business Growth

Today, I take delight in reading the book, “Sales Management Essentials,” by Nikolaus Kimla. My immediate thought was, ‘If only this were available during my career, and made a required read for all of management.’ Anyone in the position of or considering management should read the book.

 I also highly recommend, ‘Sales Automation.’ The human touch is still the winning element in sales.  And ramping up process efficiencies is an important differentiator.

Kimla is the Founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM.  Pipeliner is officially on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.  

Your Story: Moving From Chaos to Business Growth

Our mission is to avoid moving from Chaos to business growth. Experiencing something similar on a job is depressing and can hurt one’s career. And most entrepreneurs will not be able to afford a situation like the one described above. It’s possible that trusting long-time clients will give the business another try. But any company or person on the fence will seek help elsewhere.

Remaining in business requires monitoring the following:

  • Client and employee satisfaction
  • Everything is properly working
  • New technologies and thought integrate well into the system

As a business owner, job seeker, or employee, are the following systems in place:

  • Weekly team meetings
  • Each team member listened to and treated with respect
  • Feedback and new suggestions are always welcome

Attitude Change:  Recognize that Salespeople are on the frontline with clientele.

Salespeople aren’t mere employees.  The representatives have first-hand knowledge of what clients like and where they want to see change. Asking and listening are essential for success. Each representative meets with varying clients. Accordingly, everyone’s feedback contributes to the success of the team.

Sales Tips: Move From Chaos To Business Growth
  1. Compare your values and priorities with what is in place
  2. Question anything not appearing to align with your desires
  3. Examine how you may change what does not align
  4. Welcome input from everyone
  5. Ask questions of everyone for a broad perspective and more precise solution
  6. Automate for efficiency and without losing the human touch
  7. Research updated versions of CRM systems
  8. Provide training on all fronts and keep employees up to date
  9. Treat employees as clients so that together you may all grow
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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