Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Embrace ‘Why Me’ to Find ‘Yes You!’

Most people appear to follow the norm and fit into the crowd nicely. They never seem to have mean-spirited remarks directed at them. Others always seem to be the target of those nasty comments. When the rudeness aims at us, we tend to ask ourselves, “why me?”

“Courage is the first step to achieving your dreams.”
My Story

At first, I was annoyed to be asked to re-write the description of why audiences want to hear me speak. But after a good night’s sleep, and completing the re-write, I saw a gift in the assignment.

Over the years, I always wondered “why me?” when it came to being surrounded by negativity. The conventional thought of the day and rules never seemed to apply to my way of thinking.

As I listed the achievements seen in my professional life, I began to realize why negativity always surrounded me. I was clearly different from most. Impossible does not exist in my mind. It never did. When people tell me “You’re crazy,” it motivates me to prove them wrong, and most of the time I do.

Upon seeing the long list of achievements that were once deemed never to be possible, I laughed. The list began with the first remark heard as I accepted a sales position; “A woman can’t sell, and you may as quit now.” It’s a very long list of cant’s turned into cans. Then I thought, maybe my new title should be, “The woman who breaks barriers.”

The point to all this is to stop feeling sorry for ourselves should we feel underappreciated. Instead, embrace the fact that we stand out from the crowded field. It became evident that those remarks come our way because peers find us threatening by being over-achievers. We need to use the moment as the motivator to move full steam ahead.

Your Story

Your challenge is to go through the same exercise as described above. List all of those things you decided to do only to be told, “You aren’t capable.” Underneath each statement, write what happened next and the results of that action. Once the list is complete, review it for a common thread of behavior.

  • If you declined an idea due to negativity expressed, will you continue to do the same or change your thought?
  • If you moved forward but weren’t successful, will you continue to try future endeavors?
  • If you found success, how did that make you feel, and are you motivated to do more of the same?

Moving forward with huge expectations or seemingly impossible ideas may not work out 100% of the time. But without trying we never know. The idea is to keep trying because just maybe the success will be yours and then there will be no stopping you.

Believe in you!

Sales Tips:
  1. Make a game out of the negative remarks heard by capturing them.
  2. One by one take the challenge of, “You can’t do this” to prove to yourself that you can.
  3. Put a check mark next to the “you can’t” statement, after proving you can.
  4. Be motivated by the check marks growing in number on your list.
  5. Begin setting more difficult goals to be achieved by a specific date.
  6. Track your progress and continue growing the number of check marks.
  7. Write a memoir about everything you achieved that went against conventional wisdom.
  8. Become a mentor for younger people.
  9. Build an organization to train and teach more people.
  10. Celebrate success!
Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!
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