Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Failure Propels Success 

Every time we attempt to undertake something new challenges arise. The unknown learning curve is the toughest. The question becomes do we have the grit to get past all of the uphill battles? Our unique answer resides in each one of us.

My Story

The business equipment industry was tough on many levels. The willingness to show up each day and simply be thankful for people inviting me in for appointments saved me from quitting. My misery in the office turned to gratitude in the field while prospecting for clients. I was happy to see friendlier faces, even those of gatekeepers. Surprisingly, my appreciation for the kindness of others is what initially produced sales.

“Human kindness will always be the best strategy.”

Selling high tech services became my next endeavor. The one drawback was the lack of ethics and integrity found in the companies that employed me. One more time, I had to exit the industry where experience became mine.

Entrepreneurship is the third and best endeavor of all. I was set free to be me. The heat to find a winning formula burned. For most of us, we become the worst boss we ever had. We set the bar almost too high. It takes multiple tries to make something work well. The worst is when we continually question ourselves.

We keep pushing ourselves to pursue the answer each and every day. While it’s great not to be on a time clock, although the work hours are far longer.

Over time I learned the reward from all of the hard work is to teach the best of what was learned. My new project is to launch the Smooth Sale Community mid-January. The purpose is to build a support group for members while teaching the better strategies for business development and sales.

I invite your questions and the topics you would like to see addressed. My mission will always be to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

Your Story

Everyone experiences highs and lows. You are encouraged to set time aside each week to review the worst and the best of the previous week. Think about:

  • What pushed your buttons and why?
  • How may you make improvements?
  • Is help needed to move forward?

You may find you are exactly on track to accomplish what you set out to do. A group of like-minded individuals may well reinforce your approach and endeavors plus provide new ideas and support. And when you are close to feeling as if you are about to jump off a cliff, getting formal help is an excellent route to take.

Sales Tips:
  1. Review your work on a weekly basis.
  2. Always seek out areas for improvement.
  3. Prioritize potential new areas to pursue.
  4. Consider the ROI for the time and money required to develop something new.
  5. Eliminate whatever might be counter-productive.
  6. Attend occasional networking events and conferences.
  7. Consider joining a group or online community.
  8. Get to know your peers well to find the right collaborators.
  9. Continue to refine your work.
  10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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