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Computer geeks use the expression, “garbage in and garbage out”, and this may apply to the referrals you receive. From a sales perspective, the smart move is to understand your client’s perspective first before attempting to sell. So the real question is, how good are the referrals you provide?

My Story

Today’s blog came to mind as I was a happy participant in the continuing cycle of receiving outstanding referrals. Years ago, I met June at a conference. At the time, her expertise was in marketing and mine sales. Since then we both became authors and have continued our friendship and ongoing promotion of one another.

The best example of how good a referral can be is the continuing cycle. June introduced me to Mike, and the two of us had an invigorating conversation. He then volunteered an introduction of his own.

The pay it forward conversation was with Bob.  Our initial dialogue was in consideration of my being a guest on his podcast. Meanwhile, Bob sent me a copy of his book to read. The subject matter was meaningful, and I promised to provide a review for him. And today, I did have the opportunity to interview with Bob and share my story with his audience. The conversation was compelling. Afterward, we spoke about working on a potential project together. And I reciprocated the gift of his book by sending a copy of mine.

When we are in good company, appreciation for one another develops. Admiration brings about ideas for the better referrals. Over time, June and I became admirers of one another and came to recognize the people that may help us further.

Returning to today’s podcast for a minute, I mentioned how early in my teens I learned to leave negative others behind to pursue what holds importance for me. Every time I attempted a transition, the same held true. I came to realize that once we can let go of those attempting to hold us back, anything we want is possible for us to pursue. And when we hold this type of motivated mindset, our vision becomes a reality.  

Your Story

Let’s return to the thought of gaining perspective of others first. Do you keep company with negative or positive minded people? If your answer is ‘negative,’ do you find these people holding you back or stalling achievement? And if you are among positive minded people, are you in the habit of promoting and referring one another? Once again, if the answer is ‘no,’ you may wish to consider changing your network of friends and peers.

It’s a common phenomenon to experience people who become fearful of your great idea. The psychology behind it is varied, but in many instances, the fear is due to believing you will leave them as you advance.

In your free time, think about the referrals that you have provided and have received as they come to mind.

Did you

  • Find the referrals to be unsatisfactory or excellent
  • Remain in touch with one another to continue to promote
  • Provide further introductions for one another

Concentrate on those friends and peers who do their best every time and reciprocate in kind. Between you, a dynamic network will develop and the better opportunities come forth.

Sales Tips
  1. Strive to be in the company of those who like to help
  2. Reciprocate and volunteer help
  3. Build a strong network of like-minded peers
  4. Exchange ideas for promoting one another
  5. Make introductions of the same caliber
  6. Report back to the referring party on the merits of the conversation
  7. Offer ideas for collaborative efforts to your peers and referrals
  8. Share your personal story and vision for where you are today
  9. Ask for the personal story of those you meet
  10.  Celebrate Success!

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