Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

For every encounter, credibility and trust are at stake when you deliver the facts. Successful business begins to build by getting to know the people in the room. An exchange of stories starts the process. About half-way through the conversation, the time to convey our experiences comes alive. How we present the facts becomes the point of no return, if the delivery is not accurate.

Honesty is the soul of sales and all else you do.

My Story

Voluntarily making appropriate introductions along with re-tweeting job postings are a part of my community service. My goal is to help others succeed. A friend recently asked if I know of anyone who can help her get started in the speaking industry.

Joanna then let me know she recently spoke at a worldwide conference. The one fact sounds very impressive. Both event planners and speaking organizations like to know about speakers of this caliber.

I happen to know a few people in the industry, and that’s why Joanna contacted me for help. What she did not know is that I heard through the grapevine the truth about the worldwide event. The gathering did not have proper marketing ahead of time. Attendance was low and the conference title did not apply. The number of attendees was only twenty, and almost all of them were local to the event. To call the occasion an international conference is inaccurate and untrue.

Event planners and speaking association have to be methodical with their research. The best in the industry will contact the hotels where events took place to check the facts. I purposefully asked Joanna if she was referring to the same gathering. I further suggested she be careful how she presents her experience because word spreads quickly, especially if it isn’t favorable.

I left the door open for her to update me or revise her thinking so that I may introduce her with confidence. But I have yet to hear back. 


Your Story

When someone approaches you with offers or requests of any nature, make fact-checking a habit. Search for the person’s name online, check the links that come up and see if the person has a LinkedIn profile. You may recognize someone you know who also knows the person doing the asking. A half-hour of time is well worth the investment as opposed to getting yourself deep into an arrangement that you regret.

Is your habit to:

  • Please people without checking the facts?
  • Regret decisions you make?
  • Research the people before agreeing to new arrangements?

Business and life become very stressful when we ignore proper homework. Commit to never allowing obligation to take over in the future. Ask as many questions as you see fit before you begin making introductions to your network or accept collaborative efforts. The same applies to new jobs. Heed the adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

After all of the facts are verified, and you still have doubt about the arrangement, diplomatically decline. But if you are satisfied with what you learn, move forward with a clear conscience. Business and life are stressful enough. Adding extra anxiety is senseless as it poorly affects our health.  Doing your due diligence will preserve your brand credibility.

Using caution and smart decision-making will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips for Fact Checking
  1. Search online for people and websites to verify information
  2. Check for testimonials and reviews
  3. Ask counterparts about their experience
  4. Determine if something does not sound quite right
  5. Look for consistency in what is stated and written
  6. Click extra links to gain further insight
  7. Have a live conversation to hear the tone of voice and possible hesitancy when answering questions.
  8. Decide if the request is valid
  9. Move forward according to your intuitive thought
  10. Celebrate Success!
Our mission is to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

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