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Note: Al Gomez, President and Founder of Dlinkers, provides today’s blog.  Dlinkers is a company dedicated to providing complete digital marketing services. With more than ten years of experience, Al enjoys supporting smartpreneurs like himself to achieve online success.

Productivity lies in challenging the status quo.

I started Dlinkers Digital Marketing & Consultancy back in 2008. The company’s very first focus was solely on search engine optimization (SEO), and nothing more. But eventually, after a decade — with the right decisions and a few failures here and there, Dlinkers grew and became so much more than a company that focuses on SEO.

How My Challenge of the Status Quo Began

It can be quite a cliche to hear about startup entrepreneurs say that they started mostly from scratch, and climbed their way to success with hard work and determination. But just because it’s cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Before Dlinkers came into existence, I worked in numerous service industries. From serving in fast-food chains to teaching others about the wonders of computers. Those two job experiences helped me realize the real value of people.

The workforce is the gem that keeps a business alive.

Each employee can make or break business. It is always important to value each and every one. Keep everyone motivated and empowered.

A turning point came when I delved deeper and deeper into web development and website maintenance. It was a very challenging job, initially, but also one of the most satisfying situations I’ve ever encountered. The best part was committing time and effort in providing valuable help to website owners.

This passion for web development and SEO led me to create Dlinkers.

It’s a Mountain of Challenges

Thriving in this world is not without hardships. And as the founder of my own digital marketing company and an investor, I’ve met my fair share of them.

I don’t shun the idea of challenges; I welcome them. Problems are what make us productive. It’s all about pushing the limits and taking a firm stand against the status quo.

The greatest challenge and trend in the digital marketing industry is change. It’s the one constant in this world, and it’s the most significant challenge. But at the same time, the challenge of change is what keeps my excitement alive.

Do You Welcome the Idea of Change?

Change is the only constant in this world.

Changes in digital marketing trends can happen daily. My team and I continuously have to expect the unexpected and create strategies to complement that in response.

No specific method or way of troubleshooting is set in stone. What worked a year ago might not be applicable now. And being open to change doesn’t mean we are to stay waiting for it to jump at us unexpectedly.

As I oversee the operation of my digital marketing company, I remain steadfast at keeping my pulse on the latest digital marketing trends.

Search engine algorithms can change at a moment’s notice. What was once an essential factor for ranking might not be anymore. One moment short blogs are all the rage, and next, lengthy articles are re-taking center stage. You barely get a grasp of the millennials’ characteristics when the next generation suddenly crops up in massive volumes out of nowhere.

The world moves at a fast pace, so there is no option to stay complacent, or you put  yourself at risk for getting left behind.

Advance Beyond Expectations

When times of doubt creep up, I think about what the world’s greatest innovators have done, and what I can take from their example. They are where they are because they went beyond the limitations society has set.

In the words of the late Steve Jobs: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

A question my team and I always ruminate is: “How do we rise above everybody else’s expectations?”

The digital marketing industry and the rest of the world are cluttered, from relevant thoughts to meaningless noise. How you stand out is up to you.

For this reason, my team and I always come together to brainstorm and think of brand new ideas that we can bring to the digital marketing table.

There’s nothing wrong with following a revolutionary step, but a time comes when jumping into a bandwagon isn’t the option. Just because everybody else is doing it, that doesn’t mean we should.

Find solutions when everybody else has given up

Problems are problems because they have solutions. They don’t exist so we can mope around about them. Remember when everyone said that everything happens for a reason? Problems exist because there is a reason, and solutions follow.

When it comes to SEO, for instance, I don’t settle for second best. A website climbing the ranks isn’t enough, even if it is a great accomplishment.

What are rankings if the site is without value? What’s the purpose of a site getting to the top of SERP if it can’t convert leads into loyal clients and visitors?

When hardships and trials come my way, I don’t run. I don’t think about hiding and waiting for the storm to pass. I meet it head-on. I take the risk; create a plan. Figuratively speaking, I swim through the surging waves and come out on the other side. I’m not always in the best of shape (sometimes even looking worse for wear), but I come out alive and well.

The word ‘difficult’ is a relative term.

As an individual, it’s up to you to decide on your course of action. If the will is indeed present, then there’s a way.

What Dlinkers is Today

Over time, the small SEO company grew to accommodate more than just site optimization. As I witnessed the growing need for services under digital marketing, we began catering to those as well. From web design to reputation management; we have it covered.

Every day, I express to my team how much I value them. Together, we create unlimited possibilities, and we revel in the joy of seeing our clients satisfied.

A decade since Dlinkers began, my team and I continue pushing the status quo limits. Innovation and going beyond what’s the best the world can offer is how we thrive. It’s the motto we remember for every challenge we face.

Dlinkers focuses on the core offer: providing high-quality service.  Our clients’ satisfaction is our primary objective. 

We Are Moving Toward Greater Heights

In my day to day life, I keep a daily calendar to help keep me on track. Likewise, before each year ends, my team and I gather to plan for objectives and goals that we have to achieve in the new year.

  1.  In every activity, we encourage each other to be leaders, and we get to know ourselves better.
  2. The digital marketing industry is a continually evolving niche. And my team and I have no intention of slowing down. 

Our plans for next year involve increasing the company’s reach. As we venture into uncharted territory for our company, we aim to improve on accomplishing the new.

The Takeaway
  • Accept and adapt to changes, and take reasonable risks.
  • Nurture what your company does best, and leave room for other improvements.
  • Positive results and productivity happen when you challenge the status quo.          
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