Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

In the sales environment, clients view value as an all-encompassing package. The sentiment is, ‘people buy you,’ but only if they have a good reason.

Make the delivery of value an experience plus a team event.

My Story of Developing Value

It was with delight that I connected with someone whose career was spent in the construction industry. While we spoke, story after story came to mind about the excellent client associations I developed with two international construction companies.

At first, I could not gain access inside either of the corporate offices.  One day, I decided to do something out of the ordinary. Upon seeing a company sign in front of a large parking lot, I drove through to see what was there. At the end of the lot was a long trailer.  I parked the car with a new plan in mind. Walking into the trailer, the construction workers stopped in their tracks to ask what I was doing there.

Trained to look for business equipment, I spotted some. I asked the first person how they liked it. A few sentences later, I inquired how I might gain the contact information for the person in charge of selecting the equipment. The promise was made to put in a good word for what might work even better. We parted with a handshake and big smiles. In  my hand was the contact information. The same was repeated for the second company.

Each person invited me in for an appointment.  Months later, I learned that the original intent was to fix the problem and then throw me out. But little did they know that I enjoy getting to know people by asking how they chose their career. The conversations were highly engaging. At each company, I earned the first sale as a test. By the second month, I graduated to the status of ‘order taker.’  The sales became a constant.

Over time, we came to know about one another’s ambitions, family, and hobbies. Both people were prohibited from having me take them to lunch. So I returned to the origin of developing the long-term relationship and provided gift baskets for the people in the trailers. The appreciation was heart-warming.

In summary, the value became evident in the overall client experience.  For added insight, read “Do You Know Why Clients Suddenly Leave?” 


Your Story

Take time to reflect on how you are attempting to get through to the decision-makers. On occasion, you have the right information upfront. At other times, it takes trial and error to find the people in charge. Referrals are always best, but they aren’t available 100% of the time, and novel approaches are needed.

  • What has worked in the past for getting in the door?
  • Are you developing long-term relationships with clientele?
  • What are some untried ideas that might work even better?

Most people feel a little fearful of trying new ideas due to the unknown. But as one practices each day, the challenge slowly declines. Consider how you currently deliver value to your clientele. Create a document to capture new ideas as they occur to enhance the overall experience. As you implement, explain how you see the merits and ask the client for feedback. Become the go-to person who delivers incredible value to your clientele.

Those of you seeking new work, share a story while on job interviews. Reveal how you can bring value to the current company as you have in past positions.

Sales Tips
  1. Be willing to do the unusual
  2. Ask for help and ask how you may reciprocate
  3. Create an atmosphere of open communication
  4. Exchange stories and ask questions of clientele
  5. Inquire as to how clients chose their career path
  6. In meetings, ask about business and personal goals
  7. Accurately describe how you excel at customer care
  8. Sell the experience of working with you
  9. Back your claims up by providing references
  10. Celebrate Success!
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