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Note:  Our collaborative blog asks, ‘How Will You Do Better Than Your Competitors At The Next Trade Show.’  Many factors enter the picture for doing well at trade shows.  It’s wise to examine them from multiple perspectives to make the effort well-worthwhile.  

As the economy picks up and the pandemic subsides, trade shows are likely to increase in numbers. Preparation is essential for almost everything we do. In anticipation of a growing economy, you may want to heed the suggestions below about how to create a positive impact upon attending your next trade show. Moreover, give thought to how you may stand out from your competitors.


4 Ways To Do Better Than Your Competitors At The Next Trade Show

Upon giving thought to attending a trade show with your business, do an equal review of the competitors who may also be in attendance. Take the proper steps to brand your work as a standout among your competition. A trade show is always going to present a massive opportunity for you as a business owner. You will be attending a compact, crowded environment where everyone vies for the same prospective client’s attention. It becomes essential to ensure that you are taking the proper steps. 

Below you will find some options to consider when you are thinking about attending your first trade show. 

Think About Your Team

First, make sure that you are thinking carefully about the team you use and the individuals who will be interacting with your customers. It’s not uncommon for brands to opt for an outsourcing service with a group that specializes in impressing investors straight out of the gate.  Alternatively, you can hire models for your trade show appearance to guarantee that you create the ultimate aesthetic. 

Use Technology

Next, consider using appropriate technology to guarantee that you build the right impression for your intended audience. By using technology, you can convey the message that your company or brand feels modern and contemporary. 

Virtual reality is one of the newer developments and can be an important choice for you to consider seriously. With VR, you can guarantee that varying products feel more immersive and easier to access. The technology also works well for products that may be difficult to understand at first glance. Similarly, you can use videos as part of your trade show to break down more complex ideas. 

The Display

One of the most fundamental parts of a trade show appearance is in the display. It is essential to invest in a professional visual display that fits your brand and impresses potential clients upfront. Your selection for the exhibit will be the first element for attracting new prospective clients at the tradeshow. 

Infinity trade show displays and similar branded products can help you make a standout appearance and attract more people to your booth. The investment can be worthwhile because it adds to the professional feel and appearance, attracting possible investors. Remember, the investor’s goal is to ensure that there is no risk for them supporting your brand. 


Consider the many possibilities for marketing your products and services well ahead of the event date. Doing so will give you a jump start on the competition as you provide some familiarity upfront. The recognition of your brand will encourage guests to visit your booth as they arrive at the tradeshow. 

Due to the information, they read, and the materials they receive ahead of schedule from the event planners, investors in attendance will already be somewhat familiar with your brand and what you are showcasing at the event. 

Many possibilities exist for marketing and branding. However, it is essential to review your social media messaging. Determine how you may pinpoint ‘the why’ people should attend the trade show and visit your booth.

The above steps will help embolden the effort to gain more traction than your competitors at your next trade show. 

Preparation and focusing on taking the proper steps ahead of schedule can almost guarantee that you aren’t in a situation where you are struggling to rise above the crowd. Better yet, instead of wasting an expensive marketing venture, you will make it a gainful experience. 

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Sales Tips: How Will You Do Better Than Your Competitors At The Next Trade Show?

  1. Request a list of vendors from the tradeshow hosts.
  2. Pinpoint the vendors who are in your competitive space.
  3. Research each competitive vendor, including their website reviews.
  4. Figure out what people like most and what they dislike about your top three vendor competitors.
  5. Create branding messages that will favorable distinguish how your serve clientele from others.
  6. Before settling on the messaging, get peers, your team, or a focus group to concur on the better messaging.
  7. Check for consistency in every format for the marketing and branding.
  8. Ensure the social media messaging reflects printed material and verbal communications.
  9. Test your approach before the date of the event.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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