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With many eyes watching, how you respond to poor experiences and remarks can predict our future success. Maintaining integrity and responding with understanding will boost our influence and leadership potential.  Our actions become the measure for others identifying our brand.

“Time is a valuable commodity; don’t waste it on pettiness.”

My Story

I was taught not to waste time responding to poor experiences and remarks. The one exception is when the less than desired outcome is due to my misjudgment. I then spend much time reviewing every step that led to a disappointing result.

“Our mishaps become the best learning moments.

Once we admit our errors, we become more understanding of others in a similar situation. Our positive attitude can have a calming effect. We may change how they behave as they accept our help. Should another not calm down, it’s best to part ways. Time is too valuable.

Spending time with a group of entrepreneurs has me reflecting on past experiences. Long ago, much ridicule was delivered my way.  The experience fueled ambition to prove those individuals wrong. Mine was a long journey into the unknown. All the while, I accepted the sound advice of those wanting to help.

Carefully listening and asking questions of the people who went before me made all the difference. Their suggestions included projects of a time-consuming nature. Would the payoff make it worthwhile? I considered the pros and cons of each idea to select the best. All the while, time was set aside for earning income.

In the early years, I did the following:

  • Wrote a book
  • Developed sales workshops
  • Spoke at events
  • Created a product line
  • Added a podcast to the long list of services

To do all of the above, I budgeted time while prioritizing projects. The book was first.  Nice Girls DO Get the Sale did remarkably well and is now evergreen. Since selling is my natural talent, all of the above proved successful, except for one.

I was ahead of the crowd by providing a sales podcast. It was time-consuming to find and interview guests, and then edit the conversations. But the energizing guests proved to be fun and inspiring.

One day every interview was lost in space. The valuable time spent was for nothing. To my astonishment, the service failed to back up their client recordings. It was disheartening to tell my guests that they no longer had access to their interviews.

Attempting to negotiate a resolution for the unfortunate experience, I left out nasty remarks. Upon trying to settle the disaster, my eyes opened wide.  There was no willingness to take responsibility by the hosting party. She said that hosting servers are never reliable.  False.  The CEO then tried to lay guilt on me to continue.

Being treated like a subordinate didn’t help the project. Reviewing the time commitment had me stopped in my tracks. I decided it was time to focus on my unique creations and serving my clientele.

The lesson for me is, when we are entrepreneurs, we need to work collaboratively as equals. When one attempts to control another, we may as well go back to a paying job that provides benefits.

Recognize and accept:

“You hold the key to creating an improved future.”

Yesterday is complete; work toward an improved tomorrow.

The future is a blank canvas, paint your vision today.”

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Your Story: How You Respond To Poor Experiences and Remarks

It’s a toss-up, whether adapting to a corporate environment or dealing with aspiring entrepreneurs is the most challenging. Everyone wants to get ahead and gain recognition. But not everyone operates in the best possible light. Therefore, your extra challenge is to recognize, how you respond to poor experiences and remarks?

The Corporate Environment

We hear about unjust systems in the workplace all the time. Some of the questions below pertain to what many experience, including me. But projecting anger never accomplishes anything. How you handle each poor experience and remarks will get you through the day, to a better job, or entrepreneurship.

Have you experienced:

  1. An employee taking credit for your work?
  2. A peer bad-mouthing you?
  3. Someone being promoted over you although your work is superior?
The Entrepreneur Environment

It’s a known fact that sometimes, people steal ideas and even manuscripts. Safeguards are essential for every new thought you have. Before the launch of a project, use caution about bragging or giving away information, too soon. Research legal services for a retainer in case the undesirable may take you by surprise.

Personal Behaviors

Observe how peers and partners act should something not work out as intended. Do they lay blame, or do they take partial responsibility? Whichever route they choose, is an indicator for your next move. The best advice is to work with like-minded people as much as possible.

Walking away from poor experiences and nasty remarks is a good idea. The best is to work things out on an amicable basis. Either way, eyes are on how you respond to poor experiences and remarks.  Recognition of the better path will put you on track for achieving your goals.

Sales Tips: How You Respond to Poor Experiences and Remarks
  1. Stop to analyze all of the missteps leading up to the mishaps
  2. Observe and listen for unkind remarks versus offers of help
  3. Recognize if it’s worth the effort to continue with the project
  4. Review all actions and if someone is trying to undermine your effort
  5. Upon recognizing ill will, call the person out or walk away
  6. Determine if you have team players in your presence
  7. Build a stronger collaborative effort to put all of you on the better path
  8. Together create a revised plan
  9. Add new elements to the revision for a more robust effort
  10. Celebrate Success!

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